Electric Skateboard "SAIL" is Fast, Futuristic Fun


With a bendable battery pack built into it, the "SAIL" skateboard is essentially the board of the future.

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Imagine rushing along on your board without a single kick. The battery won't lose its kick for a full 14 miles. And this is no slow ride. Using an ergonomic remote, you can shift the speed from 0mph up to its top level, 20mph, or anywhere in between.


"Designed to accommodate any level of expertise--from the timid amateur to the adrenaline-seeking veteran, SAIL is the easiest electric board to jump on and start cruising."

SAIL is clearly crafted with quality in mind. Brushless motors turn its wheels, taking you to and fro noise-free. Its total weight is a slight 11 lbs and the full charge time a mere 2 hours. It's pretty awesome.

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