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Of Ghosts and Men

Of Ghosts Men is a contemporary romance with a paranormal edge.

Shelby Rochester was raised by a big family in a small town.

What her family referred to as her imaginary friend was actually the ghost of a young boy thought to have died in the house of her forefathers, affectionately known as Potter House.

Now, ten years after leaving her family behind, Shelby has returned home just in time to rescue the lost soul of a young boy she once loved above all others.

Together with her crazy friend, Jo, Shelby attempts to rebuild her life in a one bedroom attic apartment while keeping her very real, and very dead, friend by her side.

All's well until the smoking' hot Derek Burton catches Shelby's eye.

Unfortunately, Derek may have anterior motives.

Since the age of twelve Derek's been hunting and researching all kinds of paranormal entities and he has a doctorate and three lifetimes of experience to show for it.

Ready for his next breakthrough, Derek gets caught between the girl of his dreams and her very real, very mischievous ghost.

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It wasnt the fact that the small towns cemetery was so full of gravestones that disturbed the visitor.

It was the fact that there were gravestones ready for the existing populace along with future dates.

Posted on Reddit by FagnusTwatfield.

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Everyone cheered when the carnival came to the small town.

It was only after the carnival had left that they realized that all the children were gone.

Posted on Reddit by HonestAbe1809.

Friend-lake Chronicles

Raj Kazdan is the new resident of a small town in Maine that he had never heard of, but chalks that up to his ignorance of the world and nothing more.

Expecting a smooth move, and a chance to have a fresh start, leaving his old 'disappointing' past behind.

He instead finds himself embarking on all manner of misadventures, as he comes to learn about the vast absurdity of the town and all those who live there.

Such is the life of one who moves into the anglicized town of "Friend-lake".

Friend-lake Chronicles on Wattpad

It took years of struggle to get my degree and become the only prosecutor of a small town

I always hated Law, but well, at least you can't present a case against yourself.

Posted on Reddit by John0898.

Something has been causing kids to disappear in this small town.

Whatever it is, we know it's a carnivore, but far too big to be something natural.

Posted on Reddit by AttemptedComedy.

Charmed Again

Lily-Anne Carter, is a 16 years old girl that just moved into a small town Kentwood, New Orleans.

When Lily-Anne meets Eli Reed, everything changes.

She learns there is a lot more going on in Kentwood and she meets a family she never knew she had.

She discovers a world of magic, lies and secrets.

They say the past should stay in the past, but what if it's the only way to find out the truth.

Charmed Again on Wattpad

Nothing like this had ever happened in this quiet, small town, before ...

Today, she became the first person here to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Posted on Reddit by morrisonlikessamoyed.

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