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The Brain does not know it exists until it learns about itself in school.


You have probably never heard any of the kooky school stories included below, but a bit of scrolling will fix that...

Primalcraft: Scourge of the Wolf (book 1)

Blake is a young boy from a small village in England.

He moves to a school in Wales to get away from his painful past and hopes to start again in a new place.

But everything isn't as it seems at Vale Academy.

Blake is attacked by a wolf.

An animal which doesn't exist in Britain and soon he uncovers a hidden world filled with magic, wonders and old grudges as he learns more about himself and the world around him.

Jaxon can't get Blake out of his mind even though he is absolutely sure that he is straight.

But his confused feelings soon take a backseat when an unknown wolf attacks the object of his confused feelings.

His pack slowly start to uncover secrets upon secrets that all have one person at the center.


Jaxon has to determine if he needs to protect Blake or if he is the enemy hidden in the dark by the witches.

Primalcraft: Scourge of the Wolf (book 1) on Wattpad

The Fat kid in school went missing last week.

Until today when the Lunchlady was arrested for "inappropriate disposal of a body".

Posted on Reddit by Bluee1329.

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Old house in high school

This was 30 years ago. It never forget. I was sleeping over at my friends house. He was on his Ben I was on the floor. His room is at the end of the hall upstairs. Right next to his bedroom door is the door to his moms room(master room with bathroom). On the other side of the hall is door to the bathroom. Down the hall near the top of the stairs is his sisters room. Nothing else up stairs. The distance from the top of the stairs to my friends bedroom door is maybe 15 feet? Not very far. Ok. So we are laying down to go to sleep, his mom has already gone to bed with their two giant poodles. They slept in her bed every night. His sister is out of state at college and there is no one else in the house, parents divorced. So were finally getting quiet and not talking and its quiet and I hear someone walk up the stairs walk down the hall to the area right in crimp of our door, his moms door and the bathroom door and then nothing else. I thought it was just an old house thing, cuz this was an old Victorian with hard wood floors throughout. No biggie. Kinda getting sleepy I hear it again, same exact thing. So now Im like WTF?

So no Im laying there on my side head tilted to watch the door and listening. Im wide awake. It happens again. Then few mins later again. Im like What the actual #&@$? So Im kind freakin out and I turn my head to look at my friend in his bed who I thought was asleep and hes looking at the door to and then looks and me with that WTF look? So we both quietly get up and stand up closer to the door, it happens again. We are bugged at at each other. We wait, hold our breath basically, couple mins later it happens again and we both reach for the door as the steps come to the area right outside his door, and he waxwings the door open. Nothing! Nothing there at all house is quiet. We step out and look in his moms room she has the door open, both dogs and mom passed out asleep in her bed. In fact one of the dogs lifted his head looked at us then laid his head back down. We walk over to his sisters room, nope shes not there bed is made no one there. We kinda stand there for a minute and whisper to each other things like what the hell? That was steps right? Foot steps? Yes yes? House is still quiet so we go back to his room, sit there chatting for a while just kinda freaked out, then we settle in to go to sleep again cuz its getting late now. As soon as we get quiet and start to settle, footsteps again!

This time my buddy leaps out of bed grabs the doorknob and flings open the door! NOTHING! But this time we were loud so mom wakes up shes like whats that noise whats going on! We just told her nothing go back to sleep, and we go back in his room. We sit there and just kind of talk to each other about what we are feeling and what happened, talking quietly and it keeps happening. Every few minutes. We stop talking and listen til it stops then go back to whispering. It got to the point where we were laughing or gigglin quietly cuz it was ridiculous. I mean it was shoes on footsteps. Like dress shoes or boots, loud and the wood creaking along with the steps as they came down the hall. I spent many nights in that house in that room and this didnt happen every time but it did happen often. So often we got used to it and just slept.

Same house at some point hanging out in the back yard with my buddy and couple friends drinking wine coolers or some $#!#. His mom was not home, sister was at school and we were out on the deck middle of the day. Maybe 3pm. I glance up at the second story window as Im taking a swig of my wine cooler and I see a woman in his moms bedroom window. I did a double take and she wasnt there. I look at my bro and hes looking at me. I was like you saw that? He says yeah, I saw something move I looked up and saw something, maybe a woman. So we literally jumped up ran in and ran upstairs and searched nothing. No one.

Same house, my bros mom was down in the basement, we were upstairs on the kitchen, she was getting food out of the freezer down there to cook for dinner for us. Shes only gone a coup,e minutes and we hear her scream. We ran down there and she on the floor in front of the refer, looking around and clearly scared. She sees us and she says who else is here!? We look at each and her and were like WTF no one. Its just us and you screamed. Shes feeling out, we all go to the kitchen and after she settles down and is making dinner she tells us she was kinda bent over looking in the lower part of the fridge for something and she clearly felt two hands on her back push her into the fridge.

Same house, as a kid my bro was being chase by his sister through the house around the dining room table and trip and fell head first through a big mirror on a big credenza type thing, his head is through the thing completely the mirror has broken clean above his neck, the stud below shattered. The part above is just hanging there, in the wood like it should I guess, but its a big mirror as tall or taller than an adult. Mom is freaking out she pulls him out and the second his head comes out that giant piece of mirror slide ps down like a guillotine and shatters. Like a split second from decapitating my bro.

Posted on Reddit by No-Cryptographer2208.

Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series)

Ike Wordsworth, a divorcee and rookie tour guide sent to Rome, struggles to survive a labyrinth of dark secrets, ancient mysteries and brutal murders.

Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth is leading the LiteraTour inaugural trip to Rome.

But when senseless acts of sabotage culiminate in a murder -- with the victim's body dumped in a priestess's grace, alonside a message referencing long-lost prophecies -- Ike has to use her naturual talent for book-diving to find the killer before they strike again.

But was the murdered girl really the intended victim? And who are the three women chasing after Ike? It's a race against time, because Ike can't solve the mystery if she's dead.

Sibylline Greetings" is the standalone sequel to the 2018 Watty Winner, "Frankenstein's Guide.") [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) on Wattpad

The terrified girl took out a gun and fires at one of the robber as she heard the other robber screamed.

"Amy stop! It was just a prank!"

Posted on Reddit by SSeaDog.

We finally found the school bus full of the missing 10 year old children at the very top of the mountain where no cars or buses could reach.

All that was left of them was 60 neatly folded piles of skin.

Posted on Reddit by An_Obscurity_Nodus.

Cobweb Head

Will hears things -- the fears and phobias of those around him.

And when he's sent away to a foreign boarding school after an incident he caused with the new and dangerous side to this ability, he begins to realise there may be more to the school than he'd originally thought.

Windsor's Boarding School collects struggling kids from all over the globe -- and William Moore wants nothing to do with it.

But when he finds a dangerous secret society living on the school grounds, one that uses nightmares as a way of magic, he realises they might be connected to his freakish ability.

A stolen dream.

An exiled student.

A brewing war.

Making a risky deal with one of the members, Will finds himself drawn to the danger of his power and uncovers exactly what the society would do to him if they found it out.


Cobweb Head on Wattpad

In school, my teachers always said that I was bad at division.

But I cant say I agree I muttered under my breath while looming over the diced remains of my wife.

Posted on Reddit by Edgymindflayer.

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