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In reality, plants are actually farming us, by giving us oxygen daily, until we all eventually decompose so they can consume us..

Considering that...

Farm stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

Weird neighbour phenomenon

This happened just a couple of months ago (2021) but a little bit of back story: Ive been a photographervideographer for the last 8 years. Due to this its not uncommon for me to create inspo folders with random images Ive found from the internet and liked for whatever reason!

Every couple years Ill have a sort through old hard drives and inspiration albums on my laptop to free up space, and heres where it got weird.

On my laptop I found a folder for press shots inspiration from 2018 and after flicking few a couple of pictures and thinking that face looks familiar it dawned on me that the familiar face was in fact my new next door neighbour who had just moved in maybe 3 months prior!

I remember saving those images because I liked the colour palette. I just felt extremely weird that those photos sat in a folder forgotten about for over 3 years on my laptop, and now I see this guy all the time!

Were really close for neighbours so I instantly sent him an overwhelmingly hyper voice note since I was struggling to sit still long enough to type! We worked out that at the time those pictures were taken he lived in York, and he made the move to Manchester to find his new neighbour had stored pictures of him for years. Just weird, made me feel so bleughh!

Has life run low on NPCs?!

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Haunting in old Airbnb cabin in the mountains

I stayed in an Airbnb cabin in the Gold Coast mountains with some friends. This cabin is about 100-200 years old. Many terrifying, unexplainable things happened over the course of the weekend.

When we first arrived, the vibe was pretty off and everyone felt very unsettledmoody and drained.

There were many strange objects in the house, such as scissors on the walls, rusty nailsfarm tools used as decor, unsettling masks on the walls, a heart with nails through it on the wall, rosary beads etc.

The first thing that happened was the first night, two of us were downstairs unable to sleep due to feeling very frightened and feeling watched. There was a lobby of sorts separating the front door to the living arearest of the house. The door leading to the lobby area was suddenly smashed so hard and loud that it rocked on its hinges.

The next night we were sitting on the deckbalcony over the forest, trying to recreate the sound of the bang on the door to our friends who were asleep at the time. After hitting the wall three times to recreate it, three loud thuds were sounded around the corner of the balcony, and a spare chair was dragged

We all decided to move a mattress into the one room so we could sleep together as we felt unsafe. When three of us were up there, the window slammed shut.

Later that night when everyone was asleep, at 3am I couldnt sleep. I saw the window that slammed shut had a shadow moving across it, so I decided to film it. During the video, I see a white figure move into the frame and back out again. I didnt look at the video until the next day, but it was a face as clear as day.

When I finally fell asleep, I woke up to a man standing at the end of the bed at 6am. He was dressed in indigenous clothing, a red black and white skirt with a red black and white sash, holding a spear and scowling at all of us. I absolutely panicked because I thought it was the Airbnb owners, and I woke up my friend who was in the bed next to me. She didnt see him, and eventually when I looked back he was gone. I ended up feeling extremely nauseous and asked my friend to leave early with me. As soon as I got about 1km away, I felt perfectly fine.

This is the link to the photos. [photos of faceAirbnb](https:www.reddit.comrGhoststoriescommentssr719shauntinginoldairbnbcabininthegoldcoast?utmsourceshareutmmediumiosapputmnameiossmf)

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The Ghost The Vampire

You find yourself in a strange world...

What will you do?

The Ghost The Vampire on Wattpad

"Yes, that's my Gerald," I said to the coroner, explaining how he always wanted to be buried on our farm.

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to get fresh bodies when you pretend to know a John Doe in the morgue.

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Something is Knocking on Windows

Hey gang, this is going to be a little bit of a long post but I want to give as much detail as possible because I'm genuinely seeking advicethoughts.

Some background on the first incident - My dad (55m) and I (23f) went on a trip across country to move me to a new state. One of the stops on the way would be my dad's uncles (73m, we will call him Mark) cabin. The cabin is situated in rural Illinois, about 55 minutes from the nearest town. There is no street markings what so ever and the nearest neighbor is a good 6 miles away. Mark is a farmer by trade, so his cabin is surrounded at least 200 acres of farm land right in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest. On two sides of the cabin there is woodland so thick you couldn't walk through out, and on the other two sides there are fields of crops.

Now the cabin itself is three stories, the basement just houses a small garage and laundry room. The middle floor is the largest, having Mark's bedroom, the kitchen, the livingdining room, and a bathroom. The top floor is just a landing, and two bedrooms that connect through a shared bathroom (my dad and I each got one of the bedrooms). The middle floor has a raised deck on three sides that are full of windows and has a massive sliding glass door. And you guessed it, when it is nighttime out there there is absolutely nothing to subset the darkness. You can't see a single thing out of the windows no matter how hard you try.

Now, let's move on to the creepy part. The first night we stayed there I was sitting on my dad's bed chatting. He had his window open to ventilate the room and you could hear lots of movement from outside on the ground level. Of course we couldn't see anything, we could only hear trees swaying, branches and dry grass crunching by something walking on it. Don't worry, we assumed it was deer as there are many in the area and went to bed without any issues. The next day comes and goes after my dad and I spent it exploring the area on a UAV. The next night after Mark goes to bed, my dad I were sitting in the living room watching and old movie on the TV. This was around 9PM and I remember getting this distinctly anxious feeling while sitting there with my dad. I routinely looked through some of the windows that were surrounding it but as you guessed, I could see nothing but black. Around 10:30 my dad and I go to our appointed bedrooms and he quickly falls asleep. I messed around on my phone till around 1:30. At this point I shut my door to the point where only a sliver of light is getting into my room and I could barely see out into the dim landing. I plug my phone into the charger and hop into bed, ready to go to sleep.

Around 20-30 minutes goes by of me trying to fall asleep and that is when I hear it, clear as day. There is a loud and forceful knock on one of the windows. Three distinct knocks. I shoot up in bed and just sit there for a few seconds, listening and looking out through the small crack in the door. I get up and am hit with this overwhelming feeling that I should not open my door and go out. So I end up going through the shared bathroom and into my dad's room. I wake the poor guy up from a dead sleep and tell him that I heard someone knock on either the glass doors or the windows. My dad gets up and I follow him downstairs and he checks the entire house before locking both of the doors that my uncle always leaves open. After turning on the porch light and checking the house, we found nothing and go back up to our rooms. I am extremely unsettled but could tell my dad was assuming I had just freaked myself out.

The next morning comes around, I go downstairs where my dad is sitting at the table with Mark. Apparently the two had been discussing what I had heard last night. That is when my dad tells me that Mark had heard the same knocking at the same time of night on three separate occasions. The first time he heard the knocking he immediately jumped up from bed and grabbed the shotgun he keeps in his closet. He knew there would be no one or no thing good knocking at his door in the middle of nowhere at 2AM. He saw nothing when he looked outside and when the knocking came twice more, he didn't bother checking it. Now Mark is a 73 year old tough cowboy that is straight up, fearless, and doesn't find any enjoyment in lying. We left the same day to continue our journey across the states.

The second event occurred just last week. My dad was visiting my mom and I in our two bedroom house before he flew out of the city's airport the next day. Due to him being there, I spent the night on an air mattress on the floor of my mom's bedroom while he slept in my bed. My mom's bedroom is in the back of the house, with a small backyard and then a sloped 6 foot wall leading up in to the desert being all there was. Around 5AM I am jolted away but this extremely loud knock on my mom's bedroom window. I sit up and just stared at the curtain covered window. My mom had already been awake (early riser) and had her earphones in watching something. She yanked them out and asked me if I had heard it as well. The two of us just sit in silence. She tells me that if she opens the curtains she just knows that something is going to be staring back at her.

I go and wake up my dad (poor dad) and tell him the two of us heard someone at my mom's window. He goes outside and finds nothing, but reports that he heard the dogs barking off and on for a little over an hour. Strange. My mom and I heard no barking what so ever. The sun comes and goes and nothing else happens the next night or any night since then.

So, that's the end of my experiences. I just think both events, especially the first, are beyond bizarre. Both times I was overwhelmed by the negative and anxious feeling and I just have no explanation for either. I need your guys input on what you think could have happened, as it has been on my mind since it happened. Thanks

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- Aylward -

There was always something about 'the cat on the farm', Aylward, that never quite sat right.

With anyone.

The recount of one man's life alongside the creature unveils just what, exactly, it was hiding.

- Aylward - on Wattpad

There's a well on my grandparent's farm that, if you throw a dirty coin in, the next day it's on the edge of the well, perfectly shiny and clean.

My little brother must have crawled in last night because there's a pile of brilliantly clean clothes hanging from a stack of shiny white bones there this morning.

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