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So, you're ready to read some weird chuck e cheese stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

2nd Except from my Journal (More experiences from the converted funeral home)

Im currently under COVID-19 Quarantine for the next several days, so I have time to review my old journal. Im trying to condense it down by month, as sometimes I would go several days without noting anything odd.

As always, Ill do my best to reply to each comment, question, or direct message.

One thing I would like to address publicly is this is not creative writing, these are from a mental health journal that I kept when I was growing up.

Ill designate rooms by letter in the post.

[Floor Plan](to past entries below:

[First Entery](entry about my house

51986 -Early Evening: (J Basement)

I helped my Dad cut the grass today. After that we had to put away the tools and equipment.

Unfortunately these have to go back into the basement. I really hate the basement! It doesnt feel right which means I get goosebumps. It smelled stuffy, and heavy, like moss and very old pennies.

I was helping to put away the grass catcher when Dad asked me if I saw something move along the tool wall. I think he was trying to tease me because I was really jumpy about being so far into the basement.

What I didnt want to tell him was that I did see something move along that wall! It moved to the corner then it moved up the wall and then it was gone.

The worst part of the basement was the storage area by the stairs. Its really dark and there is no light to turn on.

I wont go in there, ever. I wont even shine a light in that room, because I have nightmares about that creepy room sometimes, and in them the floor is bloodstained.

I also believe that whatever has been up to my closet at night comes up from this storage room of the basement. I stay as far away from the opening as possible, because also in my nightmares there is something in there that will pull me in if I get to close.

We finish putting all the tools away and my Dad always has me go before him, because the old wooden stairs are loose, we make it out of the basement, and my dad padlocks the door, we share a key with Aunt G and Uncle J (fathers aunt and uncle).

We usually run into Uncle J, after cutting the grass. Hes a nice guy, and likes to make models. He has always warned me about going into the basement alone, I always took him seriously, Dad would say that Uncle J just trying to spook me.

Anyway, Im excited because Mom is making casserole S.H.I.T for dinner tonight! (From 2020 OP - this is the name my father gave my mothers casserole and it stuck! Its made of a layer of Kraft Mac and cheese, a layer of ground beef mixed with Campbells tomato soup straight from the can, and covered with more kraft Mac and cheese, then baked for like 20 minutes - it was inexpensive and I still make it to this day)

Late Evening: (Rooms G H)

Mom asked me to help make the casserole, and asked me to get the Mac and cheese and the soup from the pantry.

I dont like the pantry either, it reminds me to much of my closet. I really want the casserole so I go into the pantry and try and pull the light cord, and I couldnt find it!

I think something touched my hand and I jumped back quick and I closed the pantry door. Im trying to calm down when my Mom says its just my imagination.

I tried again and found the light cord, the light goes on and I gather the stuff. I think its odd that I can smell the basement in the pantry and just then along the back of the pantry wall I see a large grey pile of what I think are worms, wiggling like the night crawlers I help Dad get for fishing.

I drop the stuff to the floor and step back. My mother comes over and I point and my mother must have seen it too because She let out a gasp and chucked the soup can at it, she then closed the door and called for my Dad. Mom said she thinks she saw a squirrel or something in the panty. Dad had a look, no squirrel, also no hole in the wall, no nothing. I helped my mom make the casserole, we both kept an eye on the pantry door while cooking. Mom told me that maybe we both have imaginary issues.

Late Evening: (Rooms K L)

As I am writing this I am in my bedroom, burping casserole. I am a bit worried about tonight as I was in basement today and it likely saw me. I know what that means for tonight.

51986 - Next morning (Rooms K, L, G)

I woke up and it was morning, I guess helping Dad cut the lawn and that must have helped me to sleep through the night.

I hear my parents talking in the kitchen. Mom was asking Dad if he could figure out why all the kitchen cabinets were wide open. I heard them talking about maybe the house settling or maybe I didnt close them tight after helping with dinner cleanup.

At the close them tight part, I looked over at my closet, which was again partially open and the hairs on my arms stood up.

I jumped at the sound of three knocks on my bedroom door, I looked over expecting to see one or both of my parents, but no one was there.

I then heard three knocks from the closet door, and I bolted from my bed, kicked the closet door closed and I went right to my parents, knowing I couldnt explain that I made sure the cabinets and my closet for that matter were closed.

end entry

Posted on Reddit by dsri74.

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