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The Ravaging

Something has been happening on the outside of the United States for months now, and that something is terrifying.

Nobody knows what the virus is that spread all around the globe, and listening to their government, Americans weren't worried about it coming to their own country.

But they were wrong, and now it has quickly spread from the East Coast to the West.

Alden Hale and Finn Foster are two unlucky college students who are forced to work together in order to survive.

Can two people who just met truly trust each other? Will they be able to survive the ravaging? Cover by brookmcx

The Ravaging on Wattpad

My heart dropped when they told me I was the baby's father.

The waiter laughed at my dismay and said, "This is why we recommend customers never question the sourcing of their meals."

Posted on Reddit by D-K-Lawhorn.

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"Hush little baby don't you cry"

"Mummy's going to kill you no matter what you try"

Posted on Reddit by magsmum.

I'll Protect You in the Dark

Zoe's parents were killed by a supernatural being when she was just a little girl, leaving her alone with Mason, a vampire that her parents trusted to take care of her.

Now it looks like the thing that killed her parents is coming for her.

I'll Protect You in the Dark on Wattpad

The crackle of the baby monitor roused me from my dreams, as my husband sang a lullaby to our crying child.

Still half asleep, I draped my arm over the person lying next to me.

Posted on Reddit by conscience-killer.

I felt the baby kick.

The kicks quickly turned into agonizing clawing.

Posted on Reddit by celerysoup39.

One Night With Royalty

The world is different from how it use to be, humans aren't in control anymore.

A war had led to a world ruled by supernatural monarchy's.

Evelyn was a girl who tended to play on the safe side of things until she's betrayed which led to one night of partying, dancing, Alcohol, and waking up the next morning in between two sex gods.

What will happen when she finds out her one night stand was with two princes and that she's caring the next heir to the kingdom? Warning: Contains Mature content and Language.


One Night With Royalty on Wattpad

Sh-sh-shush, my baby girl, daddy needs you to stop crying now he whispered with tears pouring down his cheeks

She fell limp not a moment too soon, the hunters had just arrived.

Posted on Reddit by weeface.

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