Eden Warsaw Blow Your Brain With "Ecstasy"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Disjointed drums drag at the senses with jarring rhythmic appeal in Eden Warsaw's new tune "Ecstasy".

Like a synthesizer minefield made into a dance floor, this rumbling song unites the two worlds of techno and rock with alarmingly mellow results.

Never fear... You're here.

Amid the wide world's masses...

You stand, still as stone.

"Everything is fine. Everything is fine..."

Eden Warsaw ice the very air in this chill track, but it's the warm tones in "Ecstasy" that make it so cool.

Shiny padded synths sweep sweet glitter over an open sonic expanse as vocals half sing - half whisper positive thoughts in tune and on tempo. Drums jump and glitch with electric energy as guitar strings roll into the spectrum's midsection. At its center, "Ecstasy" is purest fusion of the sonic variety.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

There's a light, uplifting message underpinning "Ecstasy". Promising lyrics ensure you of all the good there is to come. One night... Bright lights...

Tune into "Ecstasy" for a smooth, tonal take-me-away worth enjoying. The button is below, so press play.

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