ECKOES's "Without Prejudice" is Ear Opium

Odd Nugget Social-done

Singer and songwriter ECKOES floats us out to inner space in her stellar new single "Without Prejudice".

ECKOES sings as starlight; a constellation on a cruise...

Lost. A mind... A heart...

A soul... What more?

Nothing's left to ask for. Nothing's left to give...

But up. Give up and up above you'll live.

Odd Nugget Sal-done

"...Without prejudice... Without me..."

The beat in "Without Prejudice" does double time as drums and hearbeat. Toto's "Africa" and Lamar's "All the Stars" briefly come to mind as the intro opens up.

Futurist minimalism and depth define this track. Kicks crumble to crinkly static as percussive pieces scatter, skittish and puzzling. Meanwhile, keys combine with an assortment of synths - twinkling out over star-studded pitch.

By the sound of it, "Without Prejudice" plays a power-game with space and time. With her will alone, ECKOES collapses the cosmos, then creates it anew. Gentle melodic stretches accentuate a sense of expansion. Hard, complex percussion plays a part in paring off excess space. We're in flux.

Bold, beautiful and bright in sound, "Without Prejudice" will drag you out into the dark of night. Don't worry; listen. You'll be alright.

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