Easymess Brings "Out of Sight" into Earshot

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Folk feel and nostalgia in full view make for sweet music in Easymess's "Out of Sight".

Upbeat and alive with optimism, this song is enough to begin and end your day on a high note.

A stark new feel...

A sight, unreal... Textures, tastes and a place, unfamiliar.

You figure time might make it ideal.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"...I can't wait to show you everything I'm fighting for..."

Winds of change cushion the sting of transition in Easymess's "Out of Sight". New places, new faces, yet the heart holds onto its roots.

Windy strings drone and strum in stinging twang and softest hum. Front and center, words float and spiral around a load of low, boxy drumbeats. A peppy progression pushes up to the line of rock without quite overstepping. Calm, soothing sounds are the order of the day in this one; tranquil tones abound.


"Out of Sight" is, in sound, a metaphor for its own meaning. The mood is intimate and the experience immediate. It's there, but it's not; like memories held, but hazy under the dust of days gone by.

Kick back and relax with this heartfelt euphony. What Easymess has crafted in this is "Out of Sight" indeed. Listen.

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