Easter Island Statues Will Rock and Roll your Ship in "Skeleton Quay"

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Zippy indie rock keeling and rolling on an ocean breeze... Easter Island Statues' "Skeleton Quay" is an escapade for the ears.

It's a gentle tempest of snappy rock and adventure spirit.

The clapping flap of sail...

The dousing spray of spume. Looming storm holds high on horizon.

Behind, a dawn in bloom.

"You're heading straight for the reef..."

Ocean froth and clicking, clacking coconut percussion welcome us to an enlivened listening experience leagues away, on rolling whitecaps and ocean-spray, in this pleasantly pelagic piece of music. "Skeleton Quay" is quirky rock rolled in sand and surf.

Punk energy seizes this song by the strings, strutting fast-moving chords in single file off a starboard plank. An ocean of harmony awaits us, lined with rumbling rows of razor sharp drums and cymbals. Fitting shore-side field recordings pack the periphery in the mix, making the song's theme known should its name not suffice.


An adventure island aesthetic imparts an audible sense of exploration throughout a largely pop rock production. Lyrics allude to love with oceanic overtones. Chords seem to ascend in sound, hoisting sail as the tide of each verse rises to a crested chorus.

"Skeleton Quay" is a ton of fun. It's a bop. Press play to rock.

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