Ea Kaya Gets All "Tied Up"


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Bad pop is predictable, but great pop is the future. By and by, artists like Ea Kaya are carving their style into the genre - etching out a bold new phase for this music.

"Tied Up" is the proof.

"I pull you in..."

Ice. You can't stop sliding. The cold grabs at your feet.

Slipping downhill, you pass below canopy; green and fresh under snow.

Spinning now, you careen over white to a stop.

Suddenly safe, you melt into an embrace.

"Take one step back for me..."

"Tied Up" rocks multifaceted rhythm, lyrics sung in succulent silver and bass in mid-detonation.

There's something profoundly contemporary to this song. It's energetic and tranquil, massive and minute, entirely caught in the moment...

Odd Nugget-done

Ea Kaya's given this track her all; each time she sings, she's sung her heart out. It's infectious.

"Tied Up" is an easy track to enjoy, so go for it. Listen. Love.

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