E-Grits' "Love on Hold" Will Play Operator to Your Heart

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Mushy soul soaked in electric ambiance assails you in E-Grits' new tune "Love on Hold".

Sultry sensuality sets sail on a windswept sea with sounds soft to the touch.

Open up for it.

Love is a spring, serene. Heart is a hollow.

And no, you can't ignore it.

Odd Nugget Soci–hecho

"I'm bringing flowers to my love cause she just wants to take it slow..."

E-Grits smother us in silky sound throughout "Love on Hold," taking leave of reality to favor feather-light love-addled lucidity instead.

Guitars slink and spill like liquid smoke over a shiny beat. Bass lines boom to the bang of each kick. Vocals caress the wind with lullaby inflection, dissolving tension with a soulful touch.


Love after hours... Angsty intonation dresses up amorous activities in a warm mist of lyricized lushness in "Love on Hold". No games. No shame. No time to wait. The phone picks up, hangs and falters to a tone, in tune.

Never mind the mechanics of love, enigmatic. This track is magnetic and you've got to have it. Get some with the button below.

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