Dusty Cut Tell the Tale of a Loving "Leaving Party"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Wistful song and sumptuous chord shifts set "Leaving Party" up to satisfy your folk cravings.

Fluttering falsettos and full, steady strumming stitch a straw basket of memories together.

Reaching out to a world unknown...

Blown with wind to a wonderful life, or...

Lost and left to wander.

Wandering, wondering which way's home...

"‘Cus I finally realise that I need you now..."

Intimate lyrics ignite the mind's eye as a tale is told in full. "Leaving Party" puts the art of storytelling to proper use and tune with pluck, strum and emotional hum.

Each turn of phrase flows with a wealth of harmonic strings and tapping drums. Brilliantly balanced, it all meshes well to a wonderful whole, shifting like dusk dissolving to dawn and dripping away to dusk again.


An anthem of a coda cradles "Leaving Party's" end. Tall tones in the vocals spell out a solitary concern - that of leaving, and leaving your world behind. The rest of your life, a tough lot to live.

You don't have to fully embrace folk rock to find something glorious in this song. With a couple of plays, you'll be singing along. Listen.

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