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Everything happening in LOTR must have been like a very interesting top-down strategy game for Sauron.

But, imagine, if you will...

All of the strategy games in this article are guaranteed to pique your interest. See for yourself...


TRUFFLE video game Developed by Ethan Robichaux and published by Mink Game Studios

Developed by Ethan Robichaux and published by Mink Game Studios

In TRUFFLE, touching the walls kills you instantly. Can you complete all levels?TRUFFLE features handcrafted levels that will test your patience and dexterity.What is the goal of the game?

Collect the mushroom at the end of each of the levels to complete the game

Are there any other objectives?Yes, there are hidden Watching Eyes around each level, and vanquishing them all may reveal their secrets...Why is this game free?I want as many people as possible to play my game and experience what I have worked very hard on!


TRUFFLE video game Developed by Ethan Robichaux and published by Mink Game Studios video screen

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Beneath the Mountain

Beneath the Mountain video game by Failosipher

Made by Failosipher

Beneath the Mountain is a dwarven city-builder and real-time-strategy game. Mine your way into the mountain, discover gold and silver, construct buildings, recruit an army, build traps, and defeat the vile creatures that lurk in the dark caves of the mountain. Most importantly, find the heart of the mountain before the orcs destroy your kingdom.Beneath the Mountain is planned to release late January , for Windows, available on Itch.IO and Steam.

Randomly Generated MapsEach map is completely randomly generated, so that each time you play the game, its a new and different experience.Features types of dwarfs buildings types of traps types of cave creatures types of goblins and orcs playable floorsMining cart transportation systemSaveload systemControls:WASD - Move CameraQ E - Change visible floor (go up down)R - Rotate Building Attack MoveX - Hold GroundI - Disable UIP - PauseUpcoming Features(noparticular order)TheHeart of the Mountain(victory condition)Goblin mini-raidsMore gore and blood splatterA talent tree system with dozens of optionsRandom map effects (see WoW's M affix system)More cave creatures (Undead tomb, Dragon den, etc)Unit Abilities (ex: whirlwind attack for the king)MinimapUnit stats on tooltipsUnit selection interface

Voicelines for all dwarfs (dialog, notifications, etc)New background art (currently in production)FeedbackPlease leave feedback on the game! The game is being actively developed and your feedback can have a profound effect on the final product! Please reach out to me on Discord, or just leave a comment here on itch. Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

Beneath the Mountain

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Robot chariot battle

Robot chariot battle video game Developed by VR RETRO REMASTER and published by VR RETRO REMASTER

Developed by VR RETRO REMASTER and published by VR RETRO REMASTER

In this endless battle arena, should you choose to survive as long as possible under the fierce attack of the opponent? Or choose to fight back and destroy the opponent.Main features.Various attack tanks-a variety of tanks equipped with different weapons, allowing you to experience different game experiences in the arena..

A variety of traps make the battle more exciting-the trap device in the arena is the best place for you to avoid the opponent's damage and fight back.. Cinematic slow motion- the highlight moment in the game will be represented with slow motion playback. In every highlight moment in the game, there will be slow motion show, allowing you to show yourself perfectly..

The lovely audience can support you-the lovely audience on the sidelines will continue to cheer you on.Game Instruction[W], [A], [S], [D] control the movement of the tankUse the left mouse button to turn on or off the attack weapon.

Robot chariot battle

Robot chariot battle video game Developed by VR RETRO REMASTER and published by VR RETRO REMASTER video screen

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Three Kingdom: The Journey

Three Kingdom: The Journey video game Developed by Senmu Studio and published by Senmu Studio

Developed by Senmu Studio and published by Senmu Studio

Three Kingdom: The Journey is an game which focus on player choice and build path rougelike card game. You are able to choose the play style from the beginning of the game as one of faction in Three Kingdom.

Build up new deck and fight with different powerful enemies, take down city points to empower your deck, then fight to the end.Game Feature-Engagement: Every time you enter the journey, you can choose from random different type of territory which lead you to face random enemies, shop, event...-Choice: Choice begin matter since the beginning of the game, you are able to choose your preparation like your general and equipment, and empower them on your journey.

There are hunderds of cards and different reward that will leave you to make the choice, making a beatiful combo to enemies is the key to conquer your journey.

Feedback: You don't need to worry about your journey, keep gaining experience to unlock more powerful equipments.

Deck Build: Build up your deck from the journey, grow your army team by defeating enemies, hiring.....Or if you are lucky, some legendary general would like to join you.Game Content- Cards.- Equipments.- Enemies.- Evenets.- different type of territories.- Level of Journey.

Three Kingdom: The Journey

Three Kingdom: The Journey video game Developed by Senmu Studio and published by Senmu Studio video screen

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KeeperRL video game by miki151

Made by miki151

KeeperRL is an ambitious dungeon builder with roguelike elements. Take the role of an evil wizard and seek the ultimate knowledge of destruction. Explore the world, murder innocent villagers and burn their homes. Build your dungeon, lay traps and prepare for an assault of angry heroes.When you control your minions the game becomes a classic roguelike, with turn-based and very tactical combat. You can also play as an adventurer and assault dungeons made by you or other players.Dungeon managementYou will dig deep into the mountain and build dozens of rooms, corridors and traps.

Your minions will train and produce weapons and armor. Prisoners will be tortured. You will research new technologies like alchemy, beast mutation and sorcery.Roguelike mechanicsThe world is simulated on a very detailed level. Creatures use equipment and consumable items. There are dozens of special items, spells, attributes and special attacks. You can cut off heads and limbs and blind or poison your enemies. If you're not careful with fire, you can burn an entire forest or even your own dungeon.

Online dungeon sharingRetire your dungeon and let other players explore it as adventurers, witnessing the destruction you've done and fighting with the forces that you've left behind.The free version is the same as the full version, except it's ASCII-only.

See screenshot.This is an alpha release of the game. If you decide to purchase, you will have access to all future versions, including the final release. But the game is not completed yet, and some features might not be working. Please keep it in mind when purchasing.Visit: http:keeperrl.com


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九州战歌 video game Developed by 九州战歌 and published by 九州战歌

Developed by 九州战歌 and published by 九州战歌

九州战歌 video game Developed by 九州战歌 and published by 九州战歌 video screen

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VenusBlood HOLLOW International

VenusBlood HOLLOW International video game Developed by Ninetail

Developed by Ninetail

StoryIn ancient times, the Holy Land of Helvetia flourished under the goddess Elnath's protection. Then the demons camepouring out from the land below, overrunning the holy land and defeating the goddess through violent warbringing about an age of darkness. The humans who once lived peacefully under the goddess' protection are now ruled over by the four demon queens, known as the Dark Lords. Any humans deemed worthless have their souls farmed to create Tactica, a crystalline object used as a material for weapons and as fuel.

However, a new conflict arises as rumors of Empress Karvia's plans to take over all of Helvetia spread, causing the other three Dark Lords to simultaneously declare war on the Empire. Despite being surrounded on all sides, Empress Karvia remains confident that she will prevail. After all, she has a secret task force under her command, one that served her well in the war against the goddess: The Black Arme Vapula, led by the war hero Leonhardt Arknoah.Gameplay FeaturesBattalion Battles (Triple Squad Battles)In this new instalment of the Venusblood series, we present you with the new "Battalion Battle" system! With three squads of six units each, you enter battle... with all units!Watch the chaos unfold as units start fighting each other based on your orders and pre-set tactics...Sometimes battles are won before they even start!Customizable SquadPut together your own custom, unique teams!

Be it a team filled with commander units only, common units only, or a set up based on synergistic affinities, you are free to create handmade teams to conquer the land. Create teams, deploy them, and watch as your custom-crafted teams destroy the enemy!Squad Positioning on the MapIn VenusBlood HOLLOW, you can place your units on important chokepoints to play defensively, or you can go all-out and send multiple squads to the enemy base and capture it by force! Do you have what it takes to command your forces and lead them to victory with a tactical mind and strategic skills?Optimizing UnitsYou can customize your units in various ways! Raise them, assign them to a squad, give them equipment, and bring them with you into battle! You can also assign titles to soldiers that you hire, which will allow the unit to learn skills that they would not have learned otherwise.

Try putting together a unique squad comprised of only your favorite units and watch as they decimate the enemy forces!Internal AdministrationInternal administration is an important part of waging war as well! Your internal administration parameters influence your generation of food, magic, Anima (required to recruit units) and gold, as well as the effectiveness of your military and medicine. Logistics are important in a war, too!Awakening SystemYou can choose to "awaken" a captured Dark Lord to make them loyal to you and your cause.

Once a Dark Lord is fully awakened, both their outward appearance and personality will change. Will you leave the captured Dark Lords the way they are? Or will you break their will to awaken their new potential?Multiple EndingsDepending on the decisions you make throughout the game, how the story progresses will change. Do you seek chaos and evil, or justice and nobility? Choose wisely, for they will influence the ending you get.Both the Law and Chaos routes have unique endings, as well as sub-endings! Will you agree with Sylvias method and seek a more peaceful means of revolutionizing the Empire? Or will you give in to your desires and take a darker path of destruction to fulfill your ambitions...

Difficulty Modes Replayability

Multiple difficulty settings offer a wide range of gameplay options. For those who want to skip the gameplay and just enjoy the story, use the easy mode's "Win Skip" function to skip battles or even entire maps altogether. Hardcore fans, use the New Game Plus mode that allows you to carry over progress from your previous run and challenge the newly unlocked higher difficulty levels for a more challenging experience! In fact, if story isn't really your thing, there is also a battle royale mode available after clearing the game that cuts all story content!

VenusBlood HOLLOW International

VenusBlood HOLLOW International video game Developed by Ninetail video screen

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Match'fur Battle

Match'fur Battle video game by Ziul Walls

Made by Ziul Walls

Welcome to Match'fur Battle! A game that involve some RPG elements and boardmatching mechanics in order to attack your enemies! On this game you will be able to summonunlock a lot of different furry characters with their unique skills and stats! Make a team of and go to an adventure beating all your enemies!

Deppending on the support of this game I will be continuing it and adding more characters and a story mode For more you can join our discord server here!https:discord.ggcerqEuTGn

Match'fur Battle

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