Drummed by Imagine Dragons' "Thunder"



A far cry from the "Amsterdam" and "Selene" of their earlier days, Imagine Dragons have drummed up a sumptuous new single more in line with their new "Radioactive" direction.

It's adventurous, bold and just good fun. Plus, it's available on Amazon, so check it out.

Who do you think you are?

It's electric alright... This is a room-boomin' earth shaker of a song. That's fitting of course; the subject matter being what it is.


I wasn't into "Radioactive," but I can get behind "Thunder."

I was lightning before the thunder...

Furthermore, I can get behind the rest of "Evolve." As an album, it's on the money; cohesive, powerful and captivating.

Back to the track! I wasn't entirely sold until the chorus came in. It was all "Thun-thun-thunder, thunder, thunder" and I went gaga... Like I said before, good fun.

Experience the thunder for yourself!

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