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Dreampunk is the sound your childhood would make if it took place in the distant future.

With many similarly moody subgenres of Vaporwave to choose from, listeners turn to Dreampunk for that special little something only the softest of sounds can provide.

What is Signalwave?

If Dreampunk is a dreamy haze of electronically enhanced, euphoric nostalgia, then signalwave is similar - at least as far as the nostalgia bit goes.

Signalwave goes the broader Vaporwave route, but with the addition of samples from tv ads and other obscure, weird types of media.

Basically, the discarded sounds of the past are swept up, dusted off and deposited into a steaming pool of sounds, serene.

death drone 2008 - Qatsi

death drone 2008  Qatsi

Dreampunk differs from other Vaporwave offshoots by being softer and dreamier than the rest.

To listen to anything from this genre is to walk the line between unrestrained imagining and hazy recollection.

It really is a musical memory in the making.

Cryosauna x Phorme - 執行CIPHER://[Full Album] ● No Problema Tapes (2020)

More Good Stuff

What is the Feeling of Vaporwave?

That, detective, is the right question...

Vaporwave and its many surreal subgenres center on the past, seen through the sparkling rosy tint of the future.

Equal parts haunting and soothing, Vaporwave, Dreampunk and the rest of the modern nostalgia stuff that has surfaced in recent years evoke all kinds of odd feels.

From loneliness and longing, to bliss and hope for a new tomorrow, this genre and its spinoffs are inextricably tied to the wide gamut of emotions they produce in people.

And they produce ALOT of emotions.

Just keep listening and you'll understand what makes it so tough to describe.

From DIY tape labels to just-beneath-the-surface successes, Dreampunk has proven that what was never too strictly defined in the first place will probably never die.

Keep listening to keep hope alive for a future filled with more music like this.

Quark Expresso - Quark Expresso [Full Album] ● & Options (2021)

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