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Synths, theremins, computers and game systems have all been put to use in making more and more music.

Dreampunk - a genre at the heart of every 00's and 90's kid out there who feels out of place in the here and now - uses the above sounds and many more to make the mundane past seem surreal.

How do You Vaporwave a Song?

Easy, just stick your headphones in a vaporwave and you're good!

On a more serious note, you can get a Vaporwave sound in your song just by slowing it down enough - somewhere in the vicinity of 50 BPM slower than any normal song should put you in the right ballpark.

Vaporwave music should transport listeners to another dimension...

Go for slow, but also experiment with distorted sounds and reverberant ambiance to get the full effect.

Dreampunk is along the same lines, but mellower, more cheerful and, well, dreamier.

w. baer - strept

w baer  strept

More Good Stuff

Shima33 - Be In This Space [Full Album] ● No Problema Tapes (2021)

Yep, you'll feel like you're very much "in space" throughout this one.

It's a trippy, moody experience worth intoxicating yourself with over and over.

Dream Catalogue EVO - Hong Kong Express - 'Headchain 2051 / Return Of Rain'

Dream Catalogue EVO  Hong Kong Express  Headchain 2051  Return Of Rain

Hong Kong Express have a bit of a history as innovators in this genre and the above album is no dissapointment to their loyal followers.

Naturally, it fits in with the rest of the sounds in this space, though it definitely diverges a bit by including actual beats and rhythms.

How do you make a music mall?

Making songs sound like they are coming from an eerie mall in the middle of a futuristic afterlife mostly comes down to levels.

You'll need to stomp out the lowest frequencies in your song to get things going.

Remember, you can just barely make out mall music over the usual din and hubbub of passersby. Put that effect under a mental microscope...

Mallsoft and Dreampunk pull from that very effect to produce otherworldly sounds and feels. By boosting the mids and adding an echo in the form of a healthy reverb, you can inundate listeners' senses in swell mellowy stuff like the albums above and below.

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