Drawn in by RaR's "Darkness"



A trance throwback tune with a definite Major Lazer vibe, "Darkness" sheds light on the living appeal of classic EDM style.

EDM duo, RaR's dance track centers in on its intention - to facilitate dancing. EDM isn't always true to this tenet of the genre these days. In "Darkness," it's evident pains were taken to keep the song on course for the dance floor.

So now it's time to let go...

An orchestral opening leads into seemingly sacred vocals. Piano keys precede a snappy buildup as the track quickly gains momentum. Our priestess invites us to let go.


Time sections itself around clicking xylophone hammer-falls. Lost in space and spinning wildly, we drift into a cloudy clearing.

All around are the sounds of existence losing itself. An ourobouros chews its own tail, round and round we go... The singer's call echoes triumphant over a tidal wave of sound. A battle cry against the darkness pressing in. Heavy drums tumble over her voice. Controlled chaos.

We're lost and we're found.

Round and round we go.

There's an early 00's trance tinge to this tune that's hard to place but impossible to ignore. It's a dynamic track, but not too overwhelming with variations on the general rhythm.

Singer, Elizabeth Robinson, harnesses her role elegantly - maximizing her contribution with palpable passion. Her voice is moving and contrasts starkly in analogue against its electronic surroundings. Looped thoughtfully around the beat, she strings this song along like a dream.

Aggressively ducking synths induce a solid trance. The abrupt dips preceding chorus continuations are particularly satisfying throughout the song.

Loss, apprehension towards the unknown and purest liberation take the stage in "Darkness;" give it direction often lacking in more shock-value-focused offerings within the genre.

All this without killing the fun throughout the song makes for quite a listen.

Experience it for yourself!

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