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The best wizard stories are super weird and difficult to forget. Read on for all of that and maybe a bit more...

crazy double life :]

Luna Jacobs(sister of Karl and Sean Jacobs),has a crazy double life She's just a normal 17-year-old(almost 18)girl,with a totally normal life,going to school,hanging out with friends at school,playing mc with Karl,Quackity,Dream etc But she was also born with a secret that she cant reveal until it's the right time...

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Has anyone ever had an experience with a wizard? I hear a lot about witches and see tv ads for psychics nowadays but what about wizards?

Are there actually men with Gandalf-like powers? If there are they seem to be pretty well hidden.

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My cousin said i can become a lightning wizard if i do this one simple trick at exactly midnight.

Those batteries are pretty large, but swallowing them will protect me from the initial shock of using the magical fork-key on the outlet.

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Melina Wilson, captain of her college basketball team, an average student, part time worker at Riche's cafe, and a single child of her divorced parents, has a pretty okay life.

Though it is a little hectic, but which college student's life isn't.

Little did she know it was also about to get magical, literally.

Finishing her night shift, last thing she expects to see turning around the Ann's Street is her crush flying in the air and dodging fireballs thrown at him by her classmate.

Maybe she's burnt out or stressed.

This is her mind playing tricks because people don't float in sky or throw fireballs out of their hands! Yeah, just her brain being fuzzy.

But a morning later she's dealing with a possessive wizard boy, aka her college crush, aka the boy who floats in air.

And he keeps calling her mate.

Excerpt: Melina watched Aden's thinly held patience snap as his black eyes somehow darkened further and lips pulled up in a snarl.

She was lifted off her feet and smashed right against him.

His arms snaked around her waist and her every fibre lit up.

Air between them became charged.

The sensation of their bodies against each other was euphoric, despite her rage.

Do you feel it?" Aden gritted, keeping her body flushed against his and her feet inches above the ground so that they were at eye level.

Whatever we're going to be, it won't be unwanted from either side." Melina felt it.

He was right.

But the world would end before she admitted that to him.

I'll give you time," he repeated, his feral eyes falling on her lips before coming back up to meet hers.

But get this inside your head, you belong with me Melina.

You're mine.

And nothing will change that." With a last glance, her feet were dropped to the ground and he was gone.

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"This potion will make you immortal" said the wizard

...just before he started sawing off my limbs one by one.

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Beneath: A Slayer Chronicle (Book 1)

Being bitten by a vampire is not what Skye needs on her first day of senior year.

She has enough on her plate, with the mystery of her brother's disappearance still an unsolved case.

But Eric Scots is hiding more than an undead complexion.

He is the monster responsible for a myriad of missing kids.

And Skye is his next victim.

Swept up in a journey through miles of underground tunnels, Skye and three classmates find themselves trapped in a new world beneath the town of Westwood, where vampires desiccate inside a gothic city and the shadows of ancient monsters roam the crooked Dark Woods.

A world where sunlight bleeds from the trees and werewolves emerge under enchanted moonlight.

A world that never ends.

Before Skye is sacrificed, she is rescued by a handsome, sword-wielding slayer.

Alex believes that Skye was carefully selected by the vampires to free their city from a terrible curse.

Against the very laws they abide by, Alex and his family agree to shelter Skye in their cottage home deep in the heart of the woods.

In order to survive, Skye must remain hidden until the bounty upon her head is wiped clean.

But vampires are not the only creatures that dwell Beneath.

Beneath: A Slayer Chronicle (Book 1) on Wattpad

The young wizard used his powers to create the most powerful elixir ever made.

When his parents left the house, he sat in the bathroom, mixing ammonia and bleach.

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