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Gum is a chew toy for people..

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You don't have to tell anybody if the eerie toys stories and books featured below make you uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they do that to everyone...

A wormhole behind the toilet

My toddler has these little alien toys for the bath that are various shapes and colors. The purple one has been missing for a couple months. I noticed it missing because I'm type A about keeping sets of toys together so it annoyed me to be missing one and I looked all over for it. I've cleaned the bathroom and the toilet, wall and vanity are solid so there isn't anywhere for it to hide in the bathroom. I figured it was in another room or some other kids we've had over had taken it.

Yesterday my daughter threw the red one out of the tub and it bounced behind and around the toilet. I bend over for it and found the purple one. Now the red one is missing.

I wish my glitch was more interesting and didn't involve a toilet but there it is.

Posted on Reddit by Babelette.

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I lived in a haunted historic home for only a year. It was bad.

So, this was when I was about . My family and I moved into a registered historic home that was years old. It was dated around when our town was founded.

When you first walked into the house, you felt it. It was like an ominous cloud that hung over everything.

The first experience I ever had was in the parlour that used to hold wakes in it.

I was sitting at the computer (we converted it to an office) and I kept hearing loud noises directly above me. The room above me was my bedroom. I was the only one home. I looked around to make sure the dogs were with me and they werent tearing anything apart. I initially ignored it and it subsided. After about an hour it started up again with more violence. It sounded like someone had moved my entire wardrobe across the bedroom floor. I ran up the stair case but by the time I got to the second landing, the sound stopped. I barged into my room and it was completely silent and no furniture had been moved.

Second event was a lot more terrifying. It was about am. I woke up to the sound of grown men arguing outside of my bedroom door. The catch? The only male that lived with us was my year old brother. I jumped out of my bed and flung the door open to catch it. Nothing. I got back in bed after I stupidly locked the door as if it would stop anything. It started again. This time I went to my grandmothers and brothers separate rooms. They were both asleep and all TVs off. The toilet down the hall flushed itself and I ran back to my room.

Third event is where we decided to move. My brother was taking a shower upstairs. While he showered a clear perfect imprint of another set of feet appeared in front of him.

Small things had happened in-between those events but they really stood out the most.

Posted on Reddit by Patientzerobro.

My dead dad visits my daughter

My dad died the day my daughter turned months old. She has slept through the night with no issues since around months. But the night he died, at AM, she suddenly cried out. My husband and I have a baby monitor with sound and visual so we pulled up the camera feed to see if it was her waking up or just a sound in her sleep.

We saw her standing in her crib smiling and giggling at the side. She kept pointing to her toys and books and babbling away like she was playing. We just watched. I had just hung up the phone with my mom who was calling from the hospital, so I knew exactly who she was talking to. After a few minutes she waved, curled up on her tummy, and went back to sleep.

Now several months later we were having a particularly rough day with tantrums and being cranky. As I sat her down and walked off to grab a snack for her, I heard my dads voice, clear as ever, say hey behind me. I stopped walking and whipped around so fast I nearly dropped to my knees. She immediately stopped crying and turned her head in the direction it came from too. Then she kept her gaze there and didnt cry again while I finished getting her food. I knew I didnt imagine it if she reacted too.

My dad visits my daughter, his only grandchild, and it couldnt make me any happier.

Posted on Reddit by Worldly_Towel_8199.

(Old) phone went missing Dec st , just found it where there is no WAY it could have been this whole time.

Lost my old phone which was my work phone (i do work on ladders and break phones often so having a spare phone to use for work was amazing when i got my new phone) on Dec st . We ripped apart the entire house. The couch crevices are all "open" and go into the hole under the footrest, which pop out and can easily be seen and checked fully, they have been cleaned, checked and cleaned again dozens of times since then and they are not deep, so you can feel all the way thur with little hands like mine.

So we spend months looking for this stupid extra phone and never found a trace of it. Today, halloween, my "new" phone goes missing. I knew it was in the house but had little idea where. My husband jokes that it would be scary to find my old, missing phone. As he said this i reached into the side of my normal spot on the couch and found MY OLD #&@$ING PHONE. it was less than an inch from the edge of the couch on the inside.

My husband is just as freaked as me and we are not prank ppl. Posted this in a different sub and ppl just want to say its a prank. Ik its not, and if it was who the #&@$ waits almsot an entire year for that?!!? No one else has access to my house. My husband did not do it. So mind blown. I can't even.

Posted on Reddit by stalkedthrowaway2020.

Youre too old for plushies! My sister scolded, ripping my little dragon from my arms

When the police interviewed me the following day, I told them shed burned herself while cooking, crying crocodile tears and innocently clutching my button-eyed guardian

Posted on Reddit by KailTheDryad.

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