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Everyone will float on a lake - whether or not they know how to swim - if you leave them there long enough..

At any rate...

The lake stories below are equal parts funny and frightening. If you're ready for a weird experience or two, do continue!


Something lurks beneath the water.

Hydrocephalus on Wattpad

I ran frantically to the church to warn them of the horrific abomination I saw in the lake.

"Monster!" A woman shrieks as I stumble into the hall of the congregation.

Posted on Reddit by Rigistroni.

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I stopped skipping rocks in the lake nearby.

My last rock was skipped back to me out of the water.

Posted on Reddit by JJonahJamesonSr.


Alaska Jordan is on the run, after her mothers death social services want to put her into care.

There is one problem though, she has a secret.

She is a Werewolf.

She cant risk her paranormal abilities being exposed and so she runs away from the authorities holding her captive in search of her father, where her supernatural genes came from.

When an accident causes her to finally meet her father, she finds that she has got a lot learn.

Through her struggle Alaska will face betrayal and heartbreak.

She will face enemies who see her as a priceless gift as female lycanthropes can produce pure blooded werewolves if they mate with a male.

For Alaska to remain sane she will have to battle with her identity and discover who she really is, see if a pack will accept her and rescue her from the death that follows her.

Or will they leave her for the enemies that are closer than she thinks?

Discovery on Wattpad

We watched in the canoe as the morning mist slowly enveloped the lake

Realizing it was too late to paddle back as our skin started to bubble and burn

Posted on Reddit by ClarifyingOxybelis.

After hours of searching, the rescue team found two bodies in the local lake.

Once they finalized the number, I instantly knew I got away with the other three.

Posted on Reddit by cephalicrush.

The Accidental Drowning of Mary Ann Lamont

After graduating high school, Gemma Mitchell doesn't know what she's supposed to do with her life.

Reluctantly, she agrees to spend the summer helping her mom take care of Mrs.

Callahan's old estate near a lake.

But as soon as they arrive, Gemma has a feeling that the house, the town, and the lake are all hiding some deep secrets.

Gemma thinks she's being haunted by her doppelgänger - a girl who resembles her like a twin - and who makes things go bump in the night.

She investigates and hears an old tale about Mary Ann Lamont, a girl who drowned many years ago.

What happened in this town all those years ago and what secrets is everybody hiding? Wattys 2018 - Long List! This was originally a short story I posted as a contest entry.

However, I had so much more in mind for this story that I decided to add to it and make it a full length book.

Hope you enjoy!

The Accidental Drowning of Mary Ann Lamont on Wattpad

The lake didn't had any fish in it

Because all of the fishes were walking on land

Posted on Reddit by Jumping-Corgi.

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