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Most people who go on boats, board not expecting the boat to sink..

Clearly, boats have come quite a long way.

With boat ideas in mind...

Boat stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...

Sailor Boy Niall Horan Short Story

Cami, a 13 year old girl goes on a boat trip with her mother and her brother Brent.

There is a rumour that this boat is haunted by the great spirits of those who died in a crash millions of years ago.

Are they rumours?

Sailor Boy Niall Horan Short Story on Wattpad

I thought this sea boat vacation can't get any better than this.

Then I smiled as I see my dead wife's body mutilated by the sharks.

Posted on Reddit by lyrsa.

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When we saw the white light piercing the heavy fog, sighs of relief filled the boat and we started rowing towards the lighthouse.

But as we got closer and the blurry figure became visible through the fog, I remembered stories of angler fish who use light to lure their prey.

Posted on Reddit by Adititigro.

On Board

On the liner "Luciusa", the passengers enjoy their activities.

Advantaged thanks to their wealth, they were able to afford a ticket for the biggest and luxurious liner of the 21th century.

But, from the start, weird events happen on the ship, until the boat itself eventually starts to sink.

The 1st book from the 5-books serie "Stories from Behind".

On Board on Wattpad

I felt special when Uncle Jim let me wear his captains hat on the boat ride.

Sorry buddy, the captain always go down with the ship. He said as he disappeared into the night with the only life vest.

Posted on Reddit by jessielee_wordsmith.

As her children cheered, the woman dove off the back of the boat and into the water.

Suddenly face-to-face with an unknown diver, no one could hear her breathless screams as he dragged her to the bottom of the lake.

Posted on Reddit by reason_over_passion.

The Beast in the Boat

Jamie Burns lived in a little house in Venice, Italy until her brother mysteriously dies and she is framed for the murder of him.

She comes back to her family and friends, but strange things start happening.

She meets an invisible creature, that all others are oblivious to, and a man who can vanish in to thin air.

Why are these things happening? They are all connected to her somehow, to a book she has owned since she was a child.

The Beast in the Boat on Wattpad

As my boat drifted calmly across the quiet pond, the sweet scent of honey floated on a gentle summer breeze.

God damn whatever sadistic bastard came up with scaphism.

Posted on Reddit by MrAppleSpiceMan.

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