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The asteroid that ended the dinosaurs was technically the highest ratio of killing birds to one stone in Earth's history..

Speaking of that...

Bird stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!

I jumped in to try and stop the drunk fighting as I didnt want anyones head hitting a rock.

In the heat of the action nobody had noticed the canarys silence.

Posted on Reddit by Miserable-Argument40.

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He awoke from his slumber, looking out the window to see the birds and trees of summer.

The spaceman, sobbing into his hands, couldn't bring himself to look at the rest of the Earth's debris float by.

Posted on Reddit by communistsayori.

When I saw a flock of birds everywhere I went, crowing loudly, I thought birds of a feather flock together

As the feathers started protruding out of my skin I realized the crowing was cheering.

Posted on Reddit by petit_pimento.

Perfectly content, I close my eyes and take a deep breath, feeling the warm sun on my face, hearing the sea birds and gentle rolling waves, and smelling the fresh salty air.

As I exhale, I step off the bridge.

Posted on Reddit by IggyStop2021.

I remember learning that some plants had evolved to look like birds

How do they know what we look like I wondered as my friends vines wrapped around my neck

Posted on Reddit by Reelcheeziboi.

Read Gil Sanders and Zay Step "Over the Hill" next.


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