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All of the zombie multi games in this article are guaranteed to pique your interest. See for yourself...

Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter

Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter video game Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games

Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games

This is a horror game in the first person.

You have to go through the first part of the game.

You travel from city to city because you are not used to staying in one place. While working at a gas station, you come across a newspaper

with a vacancy announcement for the position of a security guard, and by dialing the number, you were asked several questions.

Only one point was important - are you ready to follow the rules and perform the tasks?

You were not interested in the details, because you did not plan to stay in this place.

The only thing that interested you was the payment and bonuses for the night shift.

You dont have much to choose from, and you have only the military service as an experience.

Because of your hot-tempered personality, it was difficult for you to linger on past jobs.

It was not easy to find the place, because it was hidden far from the nearest settlement.

Night, bad weather, lack of good visibility, and you turned onto the wrong road.

Precious time is lost.

You didnt find anyone at the founded location and decided to call the intercom. The voice was not very friendly.

After receiving the entry code and instructions on where to go next, you get to the meeting place with your employer.

The action of the game begins in the elevator. Its your first day at a new job, youre a little worried that youre late.

Forgot to read the instructions you received in the mail.

Thoughts appeared in my head about how to fix this situation.

The elevator doors have opened in front of you, and behind them is a man who is extremely passionate about something.

The attempt to start a conversation failed and there was an awkward pause. A siren sounded.

You were reminded of the instructions that you didnt have time to read, and it probably contains important information.

Well, nothing, well figure it out on the spot, and you wont get used to it. You have a strange feeling that the whole situation is extremely strange. As soon as you want to take up your duties, mysterious things begin to happen that frighten

Whats going on here? This is not the job I was hoping for at all, but what if I fell for a trick? You have to find out because the further you go, the more things are starting to get out of control.....


A complicated story with a plot twist ;

You will have to collect information bit by bit and figure out what is happening;

Solve puzzles and use all available objects;

The creepy and tense atmosphere only escalates the situation;

Especially the gloomy concept of the game;

Light is your only helper;

The weapon will not be easy to get, and each cartridge is valuable;

Different mechanics of the characters behavior will make you nervous and make quick decisions;

As a bonus, you will open a new location where you can get new hints for the game;

Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter

Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter video game Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games video screen

More about this game here.

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Infection Rate

Infection Rate video game by algames

Made by algames


Infection Rate will not very often updated here. I want to focus on Steam editions of the game. There you can find demo and full version:


Infection Rate is 3rd person Co-op Zombie Survival with multiplayer.


Different ways to escape from the levels

8 playable characters with unique abilities and skills

Random posit ion spawn of items

Combinations between items

Additional extras like skins and item sets

Cloud server for player accounts

Online Co-Op up to 4 players


Heart attacks

And more...


What I would like to know from tests:- Minor and major bugs breaking the normal gameplay.- Balance of the various difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane. Each of them have a different number items and zombies.- Balance of the different characters. Does anyone have an advantage over another.- Online game with more than one player. All things that are strange and not looking good visually between the characters. However, this depends on player internet and lag.Game GuideReports Suggestionsinformationhttp:www.algames.euhttps:www.facebook.comalgames.euhttps:www.facebook.comInfectionRatehttps:twitter.comInfectionRate

Infection Rate

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HordeCore video game Developed by Digitality Games and published by META Publishing

Developed by Digitality Games and published by META Publishing

HordeCore is a kick-@$# action side-scroller set in a post-apocalyptic world. Become the leader of an ever-expanding group of survivors. Manage supplies, upgrade your team, and craft deadly contraptions to defend yourself! Remember, exploration is vital in this harsh new world. Prepare to forge bizarre alliances and, together, face the many dangers of the wastelands. Take survival gameplay, combine it with base management, add RPG elements, and spice it up with a fully-fledged collectible card game - and you get HordeCore!SURVIVE through the hardships of a zombie-infested apocalyptic world!UPGRADE AND DEFEND your team's safe haven!EXPLORE the vast wastelands through randomly generated environments!WAGE WAR against endless hordes of undead and living threats!LOOT UP and collect rare materials to craft outstanding weapons!TEAM UP with your friends and face the world of HordeCore in Co-op Mode!Collect unique survivors and strategically pick your team of apocalypse-hardened characters to fight through the outstanding number of living dead trying to get your brains for a snack.Keep your base camp safe and develop your defenses while growing a community of bad-asses that you can command into the constant fight for survival.Explore the wastelands in search of supplies. Face the unexpected dangers of the zombie-apocalyptic world of HordeCore!Besides all the zombie-killing and loot-grabbing you can handle, HordeCore also includes a complete, fully-featured Collectible Card Game!Horde Tactics is a deck building card game, featuring 60 cards that you'll gather and unlock during your time in the Wasteland. Each card represents an item, character or a Hordeling that you encounter in the gamethat way, your collection grows alongside your progress in HordeCore!Horde Tactics features:Easy to pick up gameplayOver 60 cards availablePower up your deck by building synergy combosBest part... it's entirely optional!


HordeCore video game Developed by Digitality Games and published by META Publishing video screen

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BATTLE OF REBELS video game Developed by KOREK PRODUCTION and published by KOREK PRODUCTION

Developed by KOREK PRODUCTION and published by KOREK PRODUCTION

Go for the high score and fight off waves of zombies in this single-player third-person and first-person shooter game. Battle of Rebels plays to your strengths and gives you the freedom to do more and be more while carving your own path to victory.

Gather supplies and defeat your opponents.

In the single player, a Virus spreads on the earth after the Aliens invaded the earth, and nations are struggling to defend it.

United armies from all over the world were formed to stop the invasion but in vain. Aliens are much more advanced. State-of-the-art technology enabled them to clone humans! We are no longer aware of who we are fighting against! Humans?

Aliens penetrated all of the defense lines, and our armies are defeated. Human aliens surround us, thats what we call them.

Some humans will be infected, which will cause chaos after they became walking dead.

Are we going to win? Thats a story that is yet to unfold.

Aliens have planted human cloning machines in the DOWNTOWN areas that corrupt the human DNA and make them zombies. We have to disable the machines but the task is not easy first the area where the machines have been planted should be cleared from zombies. Once the area has been cleared the Alien Boss arrives. In order to gain the Access key, you have to kill the BOSS. once the BOSS is killed you will get the Access key which you can use to disable the machine.

Good luck!


BATTLE OF REBELS video game Developed by KOREK PRODUCTION and published by KOREK PRODUCTION video screen

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When It Hits the Fan

When It Hits the Fan video game by Yomic

Made by Yomic

In 199X the world was at peace... until it all hit the fan!

When It Hits the Fan is an action arcade twin-stick shooter for PC and arcade that you can play with a friend that was inspired by many classic arcade and SNESSega Genesis era games.

It features four apocalypse scenarios happening all at once:

Zombies spilled out into the city streets...

AI in military grade robots went haywire...

Demons started pouring out of hell...

And finally, aliens started invading the planet!

When It Hits the Fan Intro

Join us on discord at: Player local co-op

4 Zones (City, Laboratory, UndergroundHell, and Alien Spaceship)

9 Weapons: Handgun, Double Handgun, Shotgun, Machine gun, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Laser pistol, Laser Cannon, and Chainsaw!

Various power-ups (Invincibility cloak, Force shield, protective cross)

Many enemies from all four apocalypses (zombies, irradiated cockroaches, out of control robots, demon imps and devils, alien brutes, and more!)

Free Bonus Content:

Unlock Hard Mode and Cheat Mode for maximum re-playability

Cheat Mode includes pick your weapon to play the full game with the most powerful weapons of your choice

Three difficulty settings to allow for your style of play:

Easy - less enemies and slower bullets

Normal - the way it was meant to be played

Hard (Unlockable) - more enemies, more difficult enemy patterns

If you wish to follow development here are the current available social media sites currently used:

Website: Available levels in the demo:

City: Stage 1, Bonus 1

Laboratory: Stage 1, Bonus 1

if you find any crashes or bugs while playing, please e-mail the error.log contents to and describe the bug including stage with as much detail as possible. Thanks!

When It Hits the Fan

More about this game here.


MEDIEVAL KNIGHTMARE video game Developed by MrFatcat and published by MrFatcat

Developed by MrFatcat and published by MrFatcat


Medieval Knightmare is a cooperative multiplayer first person game where you will fight against large hordes of monsters that try to invade the village, your objective will be to protect the gates from these enemies preventing them from reaching the king.


Fight against 10 hordes of different enemies, such as demons, orcs, goblins, zombies and more.. And after finishing the horde a powerful boss will appear.


In the game you can select between 4 weapons: Sword, agile and powerful but with a great consumption of resistance.

Axe, inflicts great damage but is slower.

Spear, a fairly fast weapon that can be thrown but without great attack power

Crossbow, long-range weapon with which you can shoot normal, incendiary or explosive projectiles


The game contains a lot of different items such as armors, shields, artillery weapons, potions, and more. In order to obtain them you must loot the enemies to sell their parts and buy all the items.


MEDIEVAL KNIGHTMARE video game Developed by MrFatcat and published by MrFatcat video screen

More about this game here.

Save Us: Island Escape

Save Us: Island Escape video game Developed by Infunas Games and published by Infunas Games

Developed by Infunas Games and published by Infunas Games

Save Us is a multiplayer free-for-all survival game where players are forced to survive and escape a deadly paradise and tropical island known as Lacuna Shore. To escape, players need to find 1 of 2 relics and use a flare to call for extraction. Relics are hard to come by and must be defended when they have been possessed. You can find them by completing challenges, avoiding deadly traps and facing monsters that carry relics.

Loot crates which spawn around Lacuna Shore contain key items that will contribute to surviving the island. This includes melee weapons such as a knife or flare and pistol specific crates which require a key to open. Health can be replenished by consuming coconuts found on coconut trees scattered around the island and coconut trees can drop up to 6 coconuts when punched. Your character will become poisoned if you have been hit by one of the many monsters on Lacuna Shore, so make sure to keep an eye on your poison bar. You can heal from poison wounds by consuming mushrooms found on the island.

While adventuring around the island, look out for certain clues about the whereabouts of other players, footprints will give you an indication of other players direction and if they are close to you. Opened loot crates and breached locations can also be an indication.

It is your choice to make allies and work together or to create enemies in the game. Chances of surviving the island solo are slim, so think twice about befriending players, this could contribute to your success or demise on the island. You can use the radio to communicate on specific radio channels and communicate your game-winning strategy to players, but be careful, you may have other players lurking on the same channel.

Once a flare and relic has been collected, players must follow the red arrow and go to the specified extraction point on the map. Once at the extraction point, use a flare to call in the rescue helicopter and jump on the rescue hook to escape the island with a relic, but beware, you may not be alone.

Save Us: Island Escape

Save Us: Island Escape video game Developed by Infunas Games and published by Infunas Games video screen

More about this game here.

Spec Ops - Arrival

Spec Ops - Arrival video game by Unidub

Made by Unidub

The download does not work through the new app, so you will have to download it through the website, unidub.itch.iospecopsarrival. (Open the link in your favorite browser)

This game is a first person shooter, and is very fun.It has two game modes - Single Player Zombies and Multiplayer free for all. In Multiplayer, you have three classes to choose from - Sniper, Juggernaut, and a good old AK-47.

In Zombies, you have access to a variety of weapons, and there are three kinds of zombies. There are the default zombies - nothing too special about them, the invisible zombies - the are the same as default but they have a hazy smoke texture instead of skin, and a boss. Bosses are incredibly strong. There are 5 maps right now in multiplayer, and 1 in zombies, and a preview of them is in the games screenshots section.

One big bug is that some computers cant connect to each other, it just depends on your network or firewall, I guess. Note sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds to connect to a server.

Spec Ops - Arrival

More about this game here.

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