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If you want to raise a kids self-esteem, just play a game of hangman and have the answer be The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.


If you're tired of searching the web for racing dog games worthy of your time, the few that follow will be well worth a peak...


Snowballer video game Developed by Church of Bolloxology and published by Church of Bolloxology

Developed by Church of Bolloxology and published by Church of Bolloxology

Reminisce your youthful days, or just be actively malicious in this bloody serious,

fast-paced First-Person Snowball Fight Sled Racing Simulation.

Multiplayer 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐒

Deathmatch] Everyone fights anyone.

Team Fight] Red Team vs. Blue Team

Fire Fight] Protect your own campfire whilst trying to extinguish the opponent teams fire.

Capture the Flag] Get on your sled and capture the flag.

Singleplayer Content

Sandbox Creative-Mode Build even the most ridiculous constructionsfortifications out of snow piles. Ability to SaveLoad those at any point in game. Ramps to use with your sled can be placed as well.

Battle Editor Mode Simulate unique NPC battlessnowball fights and take part in them.

Survival Challenges Withstand waves of opponents, their angry big brothers and various other dangers.

Global Time Attack Fast-paced Sled Downhill Race for the best time. Global Leaderboards for the fastest descenders on each track.

Character Customization

Taunts, Hats, Clothing, Attributes and your Sled.

Adjustable gameplay-relevant attributes to fit the base gameplay to your personal playstyle.


Power will have an impact on maximum throwing force and snowball damage.

Speed will have an impact on final walksprint velocity, the time it takes to charge your next throw to the maximum, aswell as the minimum time interval at which you are able to throw balls.


Choose your sled of choice. Each with its own steering attributesjump pattern. The sled is your weapon, your getaway vehicle and a huge threat for your wellbeing. Boost to trade higher possible maximum speed at the price of worse handling higher chance to crash. In development: Workshop tools to add your own personalized sleds.

Crash Highscore system

Calculated by adding up the impacts of each body part. Body parts have their certain score multiplier, which makes head and spine impacts the by far most desirable. Leaderboard to see whos crash was the worst!

Build your castle

Pile up some snow. Snow Piles are stackable. Get creative. Build your fort! There is no maximum number in placeable Snow Piles. Your Imagination is only limited by your GPU. Also place ramps for planning out the perfect jumpstuntcrash.

12 Maps

i.e. Lake, Schoolyard, Parks, Backyards, Treehouses, Ancient Ruins, Forest, Graveyard (12 maps for Free For All etc.and 2 maps with currently 10 different race tracks for Time Trial). Some maps are playable in both, day and nighttime.

Artifical Sweetener induced Overdrive Abilties

Snow Burst - Throw a series of snowballs in a very short time. The effective range and possible damage can be considered medium.

Spreading Snowball - Launches multiple snowballs in cone pattern. Has a short effective range but within said range, it is super effective.

Snowball Snipe - This will give you the chance to throw one insanely strong and rather unpleasant snowball.

Avalanche - Launches a bunch of smaller snowballs which have the chance of starting an avalanche.


Gift Boxes will be granted for playtime. A box may contain either an equippable or a consumableusable item. Equippable items can be used over and over again. one of the available (more-or-less protective) dog companions (might catch and save you from oncoming snowballs), custom taunt animation to continuously irritate your enemies. Secondly there are the consumableusable items. Consumable items can be admitted through the ingame inventory right before your next match. Examples: Lottery tickets for a chance to win stuff even crazier collectibles, Funfair tickets grant you one-time access to an otherwise unreachable encounterchallengesideshow. Usable items must be equipped in the ingame inventory like you would do with a standard equippable but once used, the item will be permanently removed from your Steam inventory. Currently there are 100 base-items available which can drop in many insane variations.

Various environmental hazards and some quite dangerous wildlife can be encountered.

Loads of secrets to reveal, events to trigger, dimensions to invade!


Instant Replay: Save the last seconds of gameplay to a .gif file by a single button press.


Snowballer video game Developed by Church of Bolloxology and published by Church of Bolloxology video screen

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Fancy Skiing Pro

Fancy Skiing  Pro video game Developed by 哈视奇科技 and published by Hash Technology

Developed by 哈视奇科技 and published by Hash Technology

Do you want to be proficient in skiing? This professional ski simulator will train you to be a ski expert from scratch.

Grab your ski poles, swing your arms, and take your first step in a world of snow and ice. Going forward vigorously through the mountains. Youll also confront attacks from dogs, deer, and birds. In city mode, you'll be faced with a world frozen with snow and filled with giant holes due to explosions. The competition mode is based on professional competitions. We added appropriate modifications to make it more interesting for game players.

In order to increase the interaction among players, we also added props in multiplayer mode. It will have different effects on other players while using different props. A challenge system has also been added to enhance interactions between high score players.

The multiple skins will make you stand out from the crowd during the game. You can also get attribute bonuses by purchasing different props. In fancy skiing, you will gradually be trained into a skiing expert from a skiing beginner. The game truly restores the thrills of skiing. It makes players extremely excited to be number one during the competition against other players

In this game, there are 20 levels in total. Every time when three tasks are completed, it will be upgraded by one level.

At the beginning of the game, players can only play the classic mode. The city map will be unlocked at level 5. The game map will be unlocked at level 8.

Fancy Skiing Pro

Fancy Skiing  Pro video game Developed by 哈视奇科技 and published by Hash Technology video screen

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RUN! GRANDPA! RUN! video game Developed by Egutidze and published by Egutidze

Developed by Egutidze and published by Egutidze

Its time for Grandpa to break free of the boring hospital life! Only you can help him escape, so grab your slippers, throw on your best slacks and strap in for an epic adventure for freedom in a rocket-powered wheelchair as you help Grandpa RUN!

In this manic, high-octane platformer, youll be pulling off some seriously impressive leaps as you traverse dangerous and surreal environments all while evading the angry nurses who are hell-bent on cramping Grandpas style!

Race through the bizarre terrain as you prove that this old dog still has some tricks left in him, and his supercharged wheelchair.


A surreal and varied environment to navigate what was in that medication!?

Killer obstacles like swinging mallets and spinning blades which demand skilled steering.

Rocket power-ups to fuel Grandpas epic jumps, but timing is key!

New gameplay elements, including bouncing platforms, to keep the excitement up.


RUN! GRANDPA! RUN! video game Developed by Egutidze and published by Egutidze video screen

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VR Fitness Gym (Cycling, Marathon, Football, etc)

VR Fitness Gym (Cycling, Marathon, Football, etc) video game Developed by William at Oxford and published by William at Oxford

Developed by William at Oxford and published by William at Oxford

VR Immersive Fitness Gym: 6 New VR Exercises You Never Experienced.

Bored with exercise? Virtual reality, immersive fitness might help you.

We all want to keep fit, while the government also says in new exercise guidelines telling us to 'Move more, sit less'. However, only 21 percent of adults are getting the minimum amount of exercise a week needed to get protective health benefits, said Aaron Stanton, Director of the Health Institute at San Francisco State.

We are not a fit nation. " he said. Exercising for the sake of exercise is not really a great motivator. The more fun moving is the more likely we'll get ourselves fit. "Virtually reality exercise is a really, really good at being able to distract you from the fact that you were exercising and letting you just enjoy the game," said Dr Stanton.

VR Gym 1) VR Snake Football Battle head and neck exercise, Moving your head to play a football match. Eliminate Pains in Your Neck

Tired of reaching for a bottle of pills to quell your chronic pain?

You can exercise your cervical spineheadneck while playing a football game, controlling a snake football match by moving your neck and head following doctors' guides. Real scenes:

Acute and chronic neck pain are common medical conditions, and the treatment typically includes physical therapy involving daily exercises. Insufficient motivation of people afflicted with neck pain to adhere to the prescribed exercise regimen may delay their recovery. Accordingly, in this VR Snake, we propose a system that motivates the users to perform neck exercises by engaging them in a popular Snake Game within virtual reality (VR) environment. The system measures the users neck movements via a few static and dynamic kinematic tests and a novel VR Snake battle, tailored to the neck range of motion of each individual user.

The game is designed to make the users perform rehabilitative neck movements according to the prescribed exercise regimen while playing.

VR Gym 2) VR Immersive Cycling

As you cycle up hills, through rings of fire and outer space. You will also rode through WAR scenes, jungles, deserts and fantasy worlds.If you have a Spinning Bike , you can forget you're working out,riding through mountains or a forest without ever leaving the room.

Please bring a VR helmet and tie the controller to your legs:

VR Gym 3) VR Immersive Running Marathon: walking and running along beautiful sea beaches, gardens, and sakura forests etc

Simply hold your controller in your hands, and run, to get a VR ride in Sakura forests, Maya Gardens and many other beautiful places on the Earth.

VR running in different scenes, to collect 'treasures', and pass interesting obstacles, such as: sudden tornado , the lightning that can't be guarded against, the trap of retrogression... For details, watch the video attached.

VR Gym 4) VR Immersive Shoulder Joint Exercise: Apple Grove Picking Games

Exercise shoulder joints in VR apple picking entertainments: to unlock cool effects, experience the flames of wings, and you will get gorgeous abilities.

VR Gym 5) VR Immersive Body Exercise: VR Shooting in the whild

Very interesting shooting game, you will play as a japanese ninja, or a persian hunter, just walk through the amazing scenes, to catch a variety of animals.

When the hunting points reach a certain level, you will unlock some secret weapons. And get bling-bling visual effects. Enjoy your hunting, exercise now!

VR Gym Bonus 6) VR Immersive Yoga--coming soon: VR Yoga will come soon, and will be added in the next update for FREE (August as we expect).

Until now, yoga classes were only available in a studio setting, private practice location and most recently recorded or live streaming videos and apps. Now, with Thoth VR, you can unite through an immersive yoga practice in a 3-dimensional and simulated environment from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a practiced guru, or a beginner yogi just learning downward dog, these VR yoga classes offer a chance to catch a mindful moment and moving meditation from anywhere in the world.The teacher will always be in your field of view, regardless where your head is pointing to. This is a fundamental advantage over practice in the real world. You do not need to exit the posture or the flow of movement in order to see what the teacher is doing. While you practice, your head rotation also determines the angle you will see the teacher from.

All together, 6 new VR immersive games, in one VR Gym. Lifetime license.

This game supports both HTC VIVE and Oculus.

For players who have an oculus quest and a link to emulate an oculus rift, sometimes the oculus touch controllers are not working. Don't worry. There is a solution for this: 1. first, enter your oculus, view your desktop from oculus 2. then start game from your virtual desktop, just point at the 'Play' button with laser, and then press trigger button.

VR Fitness Gym (Cycling, Marathon, Football, etc)

VR Fitness Gym (Cycling, Marathon, Football, etc) video game Developed by William at Oxford and published by William at Oxford video screen

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Game of Drones

Game of Drones video game Developed by Bavariana and published by Bavariana

Developed by Bavariana and published by Bavariana

What awaits you:[]Do you want to play soccer with drones against your buddies in multiplayer? Do you want to take off from the football pitch and take to the skies with your drone? ...to flank the low-gravity ball into the opponent's goal with daring kicks?Football and drones collide in GAME OF DRONES. It is a minimalist mini multiplayer game with a reduced, futuristic look.Who are the developers?We are a small Bavarian startup located in Munich and have developed the game with dedication. The scope of the game is very small and it is the first game we are launching. GoD is not a triple-A game with lots of content. Please take this into account when making your purchase decision.We want to provide you with a small multiplayer game for LANs or online. Through the drones the soccer game gets another dimension - kicking from the highest heights. Due to special physics the ball moves with less gravity and can be shot into the opponent's goal. GoD has put us into addictive states while playing.If something doesn't work with the game, please write us directly. We will answer as fast as possible and help you if there is a fire. You can also write us if you had a great time with Game of Drones. Send us recordings of your best hits.Game of Drones offers you:Drone soccer mini multiplayerEasy control1x drone, 1x football arenaLow-Gravity Ball and good physics of the droneFuturistic design with optical effectsFun in Multiplayer for in between with highscoresGame of Drones does NOT include:Armed dronesReal soccer playersCars (who does that ;)Loot boxesCareer modeTons of content (it is a mini-game, but with maxi-fun)MicrotransactionsGameplay:Game of Drones is a very small, simple multiplayer game.You can choose in the menu between 1vs1 online multiplayer and 2vs2 online multiplayer. After choosing you can start the game and you will be beamed to the drone soccer arena. Now you see your drone in pursuit perspective and the match starts against your opponent. In the middle is the big, low-gravity ball, which you have to kick, head, bump, dig, ram or volley as cleverly as possible into the opponent's goal (either red or blue).After 3 minutes the game is over and the player with the most goals wins the match. After that you will land back in the lobby and can start a new game.Inspiration for Game of Drones:Rocket LeagueFifa PESTRONHarry Potter's QuidditchBlobby VolleyThanks to Jonas Tyroller (ISLANDERS) for great tips on his YouTube channel.

Game of Drones

Game of Drones video game Developed by Bavariana and published by Bavariana video screen

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