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Lots of Horror-Game creators likely gave themselves accidental jumpscares when programming their games.

With that having been said...

We've put together a list of the latest indie horror games below. If you want to know what you should plug in next, keep reading!


Milo video game Developed by Mauro Falcone and published by Mauro Falcone

Developed by Mauro Falcone and published by Mauro Falcone

Milo is a horror game where the player will find himself trapped in dungeons from which he will have to escape. And in crossing the various caves and catacombs, you will have to be careful not to run into one of the monsters that populate them, including skeletons, zombies and werewolves.

In the unfortunate hypothesis that one of them notices his presence, the only possibility to save himself will be ... run.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, the protagonist ... Milo embarks on a voyage by ship to bring a wedding gift to his friend, Baron Valek. Recently married to his beloved's sister. But when he reaches the port of the village of Valmore, which is near the castle, he is attacked and dragged into an underground prison. From here begins his adventure ... or perhaps it should be said ... his misadventure.


Milo video game Developed by Mauro Falcone and published by Mauro Falcone video screen

More about this game here.

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Doghouse 2

Doghouse 2 video game by tumblewed

Made by tumblewed


You find yourself in your backyard yet again with the same goal:constructing the perfect doghouse. But this time, things get even crazier than they were last time.

This game has five endings in total.



Look Mouse

Interact Left Click E

Pause Escape

Dev. Note

This is a recreation of my very first gamewith a few improvements. The full OST is available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

NEW: Want to get Leonard on a sticker? Check out the small merch store!

Thank you for playing and supporting!

Doghouse 2

More about this game here.


Inbetween video game by Philip

Made by Philip

Hi there,

Thank you for choosing to play my prototype, this is a very bareboneshort game just to test an idea that I have. I am by no means a developer but I tried to get the idea in my head into a visual format.

I plan to complete the full game but it will be a much larger world. I am heavily inspired by resident evil 4. You will be trapped in the Inbetween ( void , limbo), where you have to search for the lost boy. In this world will be many horrors and puzzles to face.


More about this game here.

My Old Friend

My Old Friend video game by Bruno Bricchi

Made by Bruno Bricchi

Available in English and Portuguese!

Disponivel em Inglês e português!

Average playtime: 5-10 minutos.

CAUTION: The game contains loud sounds.

Your best friend has finally gotten over you, but... at what price?

He's been gone for months and only you care enough to give him a fair rest. Good Luck.

Enjoy this short horror game withVHS aesthetics -- Made for a game jam (game jaaj 7).

The game was not tested in Mac or linux, but it may work.

My Old Friend

More about this game here.

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