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Dungeon rpg games can offer up a lot of fun and these indie picks are pretty affordable too! See for yourself...

Dungeon Adventurer

Dungeon Adventurer video game Developed by Cc Game and published by Cc Game

Developed by Cc Game and published by Cc Game

game introduction

Dungeon Adventurer" is a 2.5D barrage shooter Rogue Like game. He will continue to grow with your expeditions.

Game Features

1. The map is randomly generated

2. Various weapons

3. Random monsters

4. Merchant promotion system

Operation introduction:

Use W-A-S-D to operate the front, back, left and right of the protagonist

Use the E key to interact

Shoot with the left mouse button

In all random circumstances, you can continue to grow to improve yourself for a more comfortable experience

Dungeon Adventurer

Dungeon Adventurer video game Developed by Cc Game and published by Cc Game video screen

More about this game here.

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1Quest video game by Ratz 'N' Godz

Made by Ratz 'N' Godz

Roguelike dungeon crawler !

1Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawler, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess of the kingdom!

You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon from the sacrificing of the children. Each region of the realm contains some dangerous place where you can find various help and you can choose your own path to choose your rewards. But do not loose time, if you want to save all the children...

Fight monsters, grab loot, become more powerful and save the children to prevent the blood cult to summon the demon.

Key features

Turn based RPG

Roguelike: Dying is fun!

5 races

18 Differents classes

More than 150 powers

More than 100 monsters

20 Differents dungeons with specific rewards

Magic system based on spell schools and magic affinity for more diversity and replayability

2 'true' endings ... not including the easy ones if you save only some of the children

Current version is 1.04.000. Patch notes: Patchnotes

In addition to the DRM installer, you'll get a free steam key! (but sadly no OS X version on Steam)

Follow us on twitter : RatzNGodz

Visit our forum :


More about this game here.


DEMON GAZE EXTRA video game Developed by KADOKAWA GAMES, LTD. and published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment

Developed by KADOKAWA GAMES, LTD. and published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment

In addition to this product, DEMON GAZE EXTRA Digital Premium Edition is also available. Please beware of duplicate purchases.

About the Game

Guided by the Star Child, a new destiny is taking shape...

The protagonist becomes a bounty hunter using the Demon Gaze, an eye that controls Demons. As a Demon Gazer, he is uniquely capable of taking on the Demons that dwell in the regions labyrinths. Since its release in Japan in 2013, the original dungeon RPG DEMON GAZE was an instant hit. With its innovative system, engrossing storyline and thrilling challenges, DEMON GAZE EXTRA retains its original flavor while adding enhanced graphics and a number of new elements for an even greater gameplay experience.

In EXTRA, a Wide Variety of Labyrinths (Dungeons) Awaits!

The game takes place in the Misrid region, where there are many unique labyrinths above ground, underground, and even underwater. Remastered graphics give dungeon-crawling a more realistic feel!

The Dragon Inn: Bounty Hunter HQ

When the hero returns from a labyrinth, he is greeted at the Dragon Inn by a group of characters, all with unique personalities. The atmosphere here is cheerful, fun, and sometimes even serious.

Use the Demon Gaze to hunt down android-like lifeforms known as Demons!

Demons are android-like creatures that suddenly appeared in Misrid, and when they unleash their true power, they reveal even more vicious abilities.

If you defeat these masters of the labyrinths, you will gain abilities unique to each Demons personality. You can also use the Open Demon command to summon them to participate in battle.

Can you master the rampaging Demons?"

This gem is guaranteed to delight past Demon Gazers, as well as new fans of dungeon RPGs!


DEMON GAZE EXTRA video game Developed by KADOKAWA GAMES, LTD. and published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment video screen

More about this game here.


Ilysia video game Developed by Team 21 Studio, LLC and published by Team 21 Studio, LLC

Developed by Team 21 Studio, LLC and published by Team 21 Studio, LLC

Ilysia, coming soon, is a Room-scale Multiplayer Online VR RPG. Set in the world of Ilysia, players will travel along side one another as they quest and explore a multitude of unique areas. Each area contains area bosses, dungeons, caves, and large outdoor cities, all waiting to be explored.


Room-scale Multiplayer Online VR RPG.

Full Index controller support.

Hundreds of hours of questing, exploring, and hunting. Ilysia features massive environments, known as Kingdoms. Each new update to Ilysia will bring a new Kingdom for the players to explore.

Navigate the environment with complete freedom, climb trees, rocks, and buildings.

Explore hidden caves and hunt for treasures through unique climbing experiences. Players will find themselves dangling from cliff edges, jumping from ledge to ledge, and leaping into deep lagoons.

Each Kingdom in Ilysia contains world bosses, known as Guardians. These Guardians stand hundreds of stories tall, they contain dungeons and exploration zones. Players can climb and explore these massive Guardians while questing in Ilysia, or choose to avoid them and quest at their own pace.

Each player will have a personal caravan that can be decorate and customized to suit each individuals taste and needs. Caravans can be used as a means of fast travel between Kingdoms if the player so chooses to do so.

Planned PVP

Daily quests as well as holiday themed quests.

Discover a traveling festival where players can play mini games to win unique gear, weapons, pets, and mounts.

Control airships

Collect pets

Collect and ride Mounts

Ilysia allows players to explore each area without limits, player will be able to climb rocks and trees, as well as explore caves systems through free-climbing and spelunking. While exploring, players will discover secrets and treasures distinctive to each area, these treasures will include unique armors, weapons, and items that the player can then use or sell.

The world of Ilysia can be both beautiful and dangerous, luscious scenery and beautiful vistas are inhabited by the creatures and titans that roam the land as protectors of an ancient source of energy and power called Thulin.

Ilysia also features a Caravan System, each player will be given a personal space called a caravan that each player can customize and decorate with the many treasures found in Ilysia. The caravan will be used for player resting as well as a means of fast travel throughout the world of Ilysia and its many Kingdoms. Other players will also be able to visit your caravan to view the changes you have made, and maybe help to inspire them in customizing their own.


Ilysia video game Developed by Team 21 Studio, LLC and published by Team 21 Studio, LLC video screen

More about this game here.

The Arm

The Arm video game by Dom+Nat

Made by Dom+Nat

Wait, the what?

First time making a game together, first jam together, not even sure if we can really do this.

The team:

Dom: Game Designer "Programmer-ish"

Nat: Amazing 2D Artist!

The result:

Your name is Arm and you have no idea why you're standing in front of this suspicious looking door. Will you find the courage to move forward and make it out alive (yeah, very serious and deep stuff we know... or maybe not)?

The Arm

More about this game here.

Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics video game Developed by Chaz Cowan and published by Chaz Cowan

Developed by Chaz Cowan and published by Chaz Cowan

A retro style party based RPG smashing together concepts from several of my favorite games!

Build and name a party of 3, then 6 characters with a large selection of male and female (few cats too) character avatar sprites.

Explore the 15 levels of the dungeon to protect the people of Airi from the secret threat contained within.

Many original music tracks throughout!


Combine any number of the 40 jobs on each character.

Each job has Active, Reactive, and Passive skills.

Only the 2 assigned jobs Active skills will be available during combat.

Gain JP from battles for your 2 currently active jobs.

Spend JP on skill levels OR your mastery bar for stats, hp, energy, and to unlock reactive and passive skills.

Find combinations of jobs that complement each other through damage type synergies, damage type buffs, heals, damage shields, pets, and a few wacky effects!


Find switches, levers, and fake walls to uncover previously blocked pathways.

Avoid many traps set in place to hinder your progress including fire, lightning, arrows, cannons, elemental whirlwinds, bubble guns, and more!

Procedurally generated items from chests and monsters, with random weightings towards different stats along with random bonuses.

Every non-boss monster has at least 1 rare item they can drop!

Approximately 20-30h for a single playthrough.

Game is definitely best played with a controller!

Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics video game Developed by Chaz Cowan and published by Chaz Cowan video screen

More about this game here.

Battle of Heroes 3

Battle of Heroes 3 video game Developed by Astafiev Egor and published by Astafiev Egor

Developed by Astafiev Egor and published by Astafiev Egor

The hero acts as a mercenary who is sent to the border of the kingdom. Use combat and magic skills, explore the fantasy world, develop a hero and warriors, towers, aura, magic, weapons. Explore and create magical items. Grow a dragon or a cerberus.

Defend the kingdom, hold back waves of enemies.

Three factions (Order, Undead, Chaos).

Unlimited development of the hero and warriors.

Crafting items, traits and skills.

Explore the dungeon.

Get a pet: dragon, cerberus.

Develop magic, aura, study at weapons mastery schools.

Defend the city, attack the caravans, free the captured cities.

Old school fantasy - RPG

Compete with other players in the arena, or capture the kingdom and collect tribute.

Raise your faction rating and chat with other players.

Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers.

Multiplayer PVP, PVE in development MOBA

Battle of Heroes 3

Battle of Heroes 3 video game Developed by Astafiev Egor and published by Astafiev Egor video screen

More about this game here.

Gates Of Integrity

Gates Of Integrity video game by Tarjan

Made by Tarjan

Can you save Anroburg from the evil mage Thargorim?

Create your party, level up, crawl through mad dungeons and avoid death traps - like you did in the late 80s.

Gates Of Integrity is a humble tribute to the original Bard's Tale 1, released in 1985 for all then-popular homecomputers. I played the Amstrad CPC version and I was instantly sold to the world of computer role playing games. So I decided to give it a try and recreate the Bard's Tale-ish atmosphere in an own game. This was in 1989. Well, it have been over 30 years but here we are... If you are interested in the different versions I did (but never completed), you might want to take a look here:

levelling is easier than with the original Bard's Tale, but beware: It is really, really oldschool. You can save your game, but only in the guild. The interface is keyboard-driven as it was back in the 80s. And you might loose quite a few heroes on your first steps into the unknown.

The story is my own, as are all maps and dungeons. You will hear some atmospheric sound tracks from Derek Fiechter while you are playing. Most of the monsters, spells and classes are very ADD Bard's Tale-ish to capture the spirit of the original Bard's Tale.

I hope you like it! If you played Bard's Tale (or the Devil Whiskey), you will feel at home instantly.

Requirements: Windows 7 or later, 2 GB RAM, 1.5 GB hard disk space

Gates Of Integrity

More about this game here.

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