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The last kid to leave the school bus knows where everyone lives.

With school ideas in mind...

These exceptionally strange school stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

Supernatural highschool

I lived the first 10 years of my life thinking I was normal - that I was human - but that image was shattered when the incident happened.

Now, 6 years later, I just try to blend in and stay out of everybody's way while doing secret research on what happened to me.

But apparently that research wasn't so secret.

Some school for 'The Gifted' had noticed me and have now 'recruited' me.

So now I'm being dragged away from what I never understood and being thrown into a world of things that can't possibly exist.

I'm gonna need a lot more than just luck...

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Middle school madness and Hallway Hauntings

The middle school I attended was once the first high school built in the downtown area of my hometown in the early 20th century. Comprised of 3 main halls, a gymnasium and a large office building where the library and auditorium were located. At this time my mother worked in the main office and would work through the summer while students and teachers were gone. On one such day, she was in her office alone when she heard the front door open and the sound of a group of children walking toward the office. She called out with her normal friendly demeanor expecting them to round the corner any moment. Instead she heard the door to the auditorium open and the sounds go with it.

Now thinking some children were where they were not supposed to be, she quickly got up and walked into the auditorium to tell them to leave. She was confronted with only empty and lonely seats and the dark, unlit stage. Feeling uneasy she began her exit and as she did she heard a child giggle somewhere in the darkness.

Shortly after, she was again in the office alone when suddenly she heard a loud banging coming from the library above her. Worried but dutiful she made her way up the stairs and opened the door to the library. Every chair and table was tossed and tipped aside haphazard and cluttered. Scared and annoyed she quickly reset everything and made her exit. She would go on to complain for weeks about this repeating in that location.

The final and most extreme of her experiences happened in the office. She was filing paperwork and organizing things for the assistant principal who was not on school premises at the time. She was walking back and fourth between her office, the conference room and the assistant principals office. She had just walked into the conference room and felt a sharp and aggressive tug on the back of her head. She whirled around expecting to see an assailant but there was nothing. Determined to stand her ground she mustered up her courage and shouted out that she would not be bullied, or made afraid and that she had work to do, as if reprimanding a child. After which things calmed down in that building.

The 8th grade hall was a whole other matter entirely. The summer going into 7th grade we decided to do a little ghost hunting of our own. A trio comprised of myself, my mother and my grandfather, entered the empty hall in the late afternoon. We sat on the old steps in silence for a while, looking down the hall with our backs to the entry to the girls gym. After a while we began to hear what sounded like footsteps on the old basketball court in the girls gym. Startled but excited we quietly walked into the empty gym. The court creaked and whined as we walked across it until we came to a halt in the middle and just stood there for a minute. An eerie feeling came over us and a creaking began to sound from the court, as if footsteps were circling around us. Feeling uneasy we began our exit.

As we opened the double doors of the gym into the main hall all three of us looked down at the end of the hall that connects the 7th and 8th grade halls together and saw a tall, thin and inky black figure swiftly glide across from right to left and out of sight. Filled with hormonal courage I charged down the hallway towards it but by the time I reached the end of the hall there was nothing to be seen. Freaked out we called it a day.

Sometime later, after school hours I had just finished training with the track and field team and was walking up to the main office where my mother was. As I was walking I began to hear a loud and repetitive banging noise. Confused I looked around for the source. I looked up and through the high windows of the girls locker room, could see a single locker door opening and slamming shut repetitively with force by itself. I stood there for a minute in bemusement thinking it was a vent or something causing it but no other locker doors near it moved. It continued to slam loudly as I made my way to the office. I dont know when it stopped.

The final tale I have from this location is the one that creeps me out the most. Over summer going into 8th grade while the buildings were mostly empty, a group of electricians and custodians were tasked with climbing up into the crawl space above the 8th grade hall to solve a problem. They were going about their casual conversation in the front office where my mom was, drinking coffee and laughing as she heard them exit and head to the hall. About 20 minutes passes and she says they all enter the main office. None of them are talking, no laughing. Their entire demeanor now off. These big burly mans men are now pale as paper and are avoiding eye contact with her. She approaches the main custodian, a friendly, usually candid older gentleman and asks him whats wrong. He brushes her off in a somewhat rude manner that nothing is wrong and that theyre just working some things out.

2 years pass and none of those men will speak a word about it until one day my mother confronts the main custodian, demanding what made him act so craven that day. He breaks and finally tells her. Says that he and a few of the guys went up into the crawl space that day. That they had been working up for 10 minutes when they saw something. Something that scared these men so badly that they would rather be reprimanded for not doing the job than go back up there. Men who pride themselves on their integrity, turning away from their responsibility out of fear of what was up there. When she pressed him for more details he refused and told her to drop it. Never speaking about it ever again.

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"Mommy, mommy, a vampire tried to ambush us on the playground today, but we tied it up and let it scream for hours in the sunlight!"

Mrs. Baker listened in shock, while she clutched the school letter on the needs of the new student with albinism.

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Faith Heights

"He was a fallen angel, reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors.

There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been seen for centuries.

It's said that he has been searching...

for you." Lila Simmons didn't know what to expect when she received an acceptance letter from the exclusive, mysterious Faith Heights Academy.

Certainly not a whirlwind of inhuman sounds in the dead of the night, and bloody hand prints in the school's locked basements.

Certainly not a handsome angel claiming to be her soulmate, in this life and her many before it.

Lila must discern the truth from what the Faith Heights professors demand that she and the other scholarship students believe, and discover how far she is willing to go to unearth it.

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"there is currently a blackout at the school, please stay in you classroom until further notice" the PA system announced.

With pure horror in his face, my friend asked: "if the school doesn't have backup generators or batteries, how did they make the announcement?".

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He thought nobody would find out what hed been doing to his daughters plushie dolls when she went to school.

That is, until a strange bulge grew in the belly of one of the more eerily lifelike dolls, that soon began to kick with life inside it.

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Home is where the heart is.

That's what they say.

But when you revisit your old school, memories you thought long buried can be a killer.

Your friends.

Your teachers.

The melting man...

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Why land next to schools (Ruwa and Westall)?

We all know about the cases where they go near nukes and that they sometimes disable them. But what about these 2 school cases? Maybe we can list some motives and stumble upon the truth:

accidental random curious about schools

school happened to be near their real target

some children or teachers were abductees

some children or teachers become important persons later

trying to create a butterfly effect by impressing young minds

something is going on with the location geography there

add your own...

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