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The larger a body of water you're in, the more acceptable it is to pee in it.


Lake tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

A Halcyon Nightscape (One Shot)

It all happened on one fated night.

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After I finished tying rocks to my ankles, I looked out on the lake.

With the extra weight, hopefully I wont be sucked into the sky like everyone else.

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After escaping the lake from the monster, I was relieved I was finally safe.

That is, until I found out it also hunts on land as well.

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Crystal Clear Lake

Nick Rhyves, school head boy and captain of his school football team, lived an ordinary life as an ordinary "popular" boy until the "new" girl in his school, Stella Green, interrupts his normal life, showing him there's more to life and death than he realized.

AN: This story is not completely edited, but I will edit this book completely once I finish the book.

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This 1975 abduction includes the now well-known "hitchhiker effect," the burnt odor, as well as the removal and replacement of the victim in a moving vehicle.

NameDateLocation: David Stephens, 21, and "Glen," 18; October 27, 1975; Tripp Pond, Maine

Preliminary: After hearing an explosion, witnesses drove to a nearby lake at about 2:30 A.M. The car turned as if of its own accord onto a road that seemed unusually smooth. A herd of cows lay sleeping on the ground, and no traffic or other moving thing appeared. Two lights rose soundlessly from a corn field and, as they neared, enlarged into a craft. It followed the car for a minute, then shone a brilliant light beam on it; the car skidded sideways and the men lost consciousness.

Initial activities: Under hypnosis Stephens remembered standing outside the car while "Glen" remained inside. A humanoid being met Stephens and escorted him to a hospital-like room.

CraftBeings: The craft was large and cylindrical with many lights of various colors. The beings were about 4 ft. (1.4 m) tall and had large hairless heads, large slanted and unblinking eyes, small noses, and no ears or mouths. Their skin was white and seemed harder than human

skin. They had four webbed fingers and wore black garments.

Onboard features: Stephens saw two rooms: one was domed with curving walls and a shiny floor, the other (hospital-like) room had gray walls, a shiny floor, and bright lights overhead. The latter had an

"operating table" and equipment, felt cool, and had a burnt smell.

Onboard activities: Four beings drew two tubes of blood from Stephens's arm, took trimmings of his hair and nails. He refused to undress and struck one of the beings, who appeared neither hurt nor angry. He then gave in without further resistance and felt no fear as the beings undressed him. While lying on the table, a device scanned his body for 40-45 minutes. Finally, they gave him an injection in the shoulder (a common point of injection in these cases).

Communication: After the examination Stephens got dressed and communicated with the beings. The original being reassured him that he would not be harmed. They communicated by "brain waves" and said that they had observed him for some time, and would meet with him again. They refused to answer questions about themselves.

TerminationReturn: After the shoulder injection, they led Stephens back to the first room. He next recalled being back in the car with "Glen" driving away from the corn field while the UFO continued to follow them. They stopped the car in a field, its engine and radio dead. The main UFO and two

additional disks remained in sight, maneuvering until a fog hid them. Around 6:30 A.M. the large UFO seemed to suck up the fog and fly away. The car then became operational again.

Aftermath: When the men arrived home, they felt cold, sore, and lightheaded. They lacked balance and coordination, and their eyes burned and had a notable orange discoloration that persisted for three

days. Stephens experienced intense thirst and both men slept soundly. Hallucinations and poltergeist-like activity troubled them for the next few days, and a random, stocky man warned Stephens not to talk about the experience. Under hypnosis, he refused to discuss when or whether the beings said they would return. Investigation began October 28, and hypnosis sessions followed between December 1975 and March 1976.

See: Raynes, Brent M, "The Twilight Side of a UFO Encounter," Flying Saucer Review (June 1976) 11-14;

Fickett, Shirley C, "The Maine UFO Encounter: Investigation under

Hypnosis," Flying Saucer Review (June 1976): 14-17;

Schwarz, Berthold Eric, "Comments on the Psychiatric-Paranormal Aspects of the Maine Case," Flying Saucer Review (June (1976) 18-22;

Lorenzen, Coral, and Jim Lorenzen, "Abducted! Confrontations with Beings from Outer Space," New York: Berkley Books, 1977, 70-79.

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The lake has a reported 600 drownings a year due to mysterious circumstances.

Those circumstances were clear when the latest victim yelled "Help, its pulling me under!"

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