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To farm animals, we're all serial killers that eat their victims..

That said...

These exceptionally strange farm stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

Jamal and Takesha were so happy to finally meet some nice kids at the new school and were overjoyed when thier classmate Ricky invited them to his family's farm for thier annual weenie roast.

This all changed when they got out of his car, saw the large cross and heard somebody announce, "now that Ricky's here with the weenies, we can get this party started!"

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The slaughter house workers found it odd that the cows from one particular farm would grunt and bellow far more aggressively than most of the others.

It took just over a month for them to realize that the noises were morse code for I am human.

Posted on Reddit by Timeless-Traveler.

Ghost town

Lina born in the city but a country girl?

Ghost town on Wattpad

I was looking at photographs of my deceased daughter.

Tomorrow I'll take some more.

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Disappearing bugs!!

So I live in Philly and have these annoying moth things that make nests in my dry food so I have no choice but to kill them. I believe theres karma when you kill (no matter how small) so Im already anxious about killing them but Im not gonna just let them eat my food so anyways the last 7-8 times Ive had to smack one, it VANISHES. Like Im not hitting it hard enough for it to fly away with the gust of wind that comes with my swat and I have great aim and see them under the swatter. They just disappear. I dont get it

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The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series)

When CJ, a teen girl living in a town that practices witchcraft, starts uncovering the truth about her sister's death, she discovers the insidious danger that haunts her and the town.

Can she save herself and the people she loves, or will she burn just as her ancestors did all those centuries ago? Cassie Jayne Bishop grew up the only non-believer in the Coven.

But when a handsome stranger comes to the sleepy town of New Salem, everything she thought was true starts unraveling around her.

Clues start to pile up and CJ is determined to find out the real reason her sister died.

What she uncovers terrifies her to the very depths of her soul...

word count: 70,000-80,000 words]] Cover designed by April Alforque

The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series) on Wattpad

I calculated the time to get to the farm house would be about 17 hrs

With enough ketamine in the drip, he'll sleep quiet as a church mouse the whole way.

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