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A submariner pilots a submarine..

So, a supermariner must pilot a boat that flies!

With that settled...

Feel free to keep reading if you're looking for some next-level creepy boat stories to have stuck in your mind forever...

People who work on boats that travel the rivers at night:. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?

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I used to work on a riverboat when I was younger, and although I didn't have any paranormal encounters, sometimes the river was a bit creepy at night. Especially if the banks were pretty close. The only scary thing I can share was that we almost had an accident going through a lock and dam. I'm sure you guys have better stores!

Posted on Reddit by Revolutionary_Neat83.

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Despite being surrounded on all sides by dead bodies floating around my boat I was able to stay calm.

That was until I started to recognize the bodies in the water.

Posted on Reddit by Silver_Tongue_Dragon.

After a long winter I was finally able to take the boat out to the lake.

Now all I have to do is find the deepest part to dump the bodies.

Posted on Reddit by throwaway13524678493.

The crabbing boat settled after the massive swell that almost took them under.

Quickly, they took inventory of what was lost, but cant seem to identify the extra crewman.

Posted on Reddit by IBMadMan.

The moonlight illuminated the sunken village far beneath my boat.

The specters continue to play out their lives; unaware that they died generations ago.

Posted on Reddit by Brokenwrench7.

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