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Angel stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

The Red Door

When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. >> Since she was seven, Mollie Cutright has known two truths: she loves Howard Flynn and her dreams are the most magical part of her life. >>Each day she suffers at the hands of her abusive parents, but each night she is surrounded by a loving family who call her by a different name. >>Growing up in 1930's Virginia, no one has patience for a girl who might be mad, so Mollie strives to keep her dreams (and how often they intrude on her reality) a secret. >>But when her secret comes out, Mollie is sent to an asylum, though not before she and Howard are secretly engaged. >>It is at the asylum she discovers the dreams are echoes of her past lives. >>She's an immortal, if she makes a journey to claim her heritage. >>The problem is, if she continues down this path, she can never see Howard, the love of her life, again. >>[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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When offered the chance to see all the times I've almost died, of course I took it.

As the scenes progressed from my infancy through to now, I couldn't help but notice the same strange man in all of them.

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More Like This

Comparing the description of a "God" from the Bhagavad Gita to a description of a "Cherubium Angel" from the bible. Very interesting...?

Bhagavad Gita:

Having spoken thus, O king, Krishna, the great lord of the possessors of mystic power, then showed to the son of Pritha his supreme divine form having many mouths and eyes, having within it many wonderful sights, having many celestial ornaments, having many celestial weapons held erect, wearing celestial flowers and vestments, anointed with celestial perfumes, full of every wonder, the infinite deity with faces in all directions.


When they moved, they would go in any of the four directions, without turning as they moved. For wherever the head faced, the cherubim would go in that direction, without turning as they moved. Their entire bodies, including their backs, hands, and wings, were full of eyes all around, as were their four wheels. I heard the wheels being called the whirling wheels."

A very odd yet similar description of some sort of entity from both the West and the East. Is it just a coincidence? Maybe just a tale that passed along to each other or maybe they each saw something and are describing them in their own way? What do you think?

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This paranormal story is based on the ramblings of my Grandmother and the many visits at her nursing home. >>I hope she found the peace and happiness the main character in this story found at the end. >>An elderly lady living in a nursing home is directed by an angel to make an unbirthday birthday wish a few days before her actual birthday. >>In order for the wish to come true, Martha must not reveal it to anyone ever. >>A heartwarming story of an elderly woman whose unbirthday birthday wish comes true.


The shining white Angel gave me the cure, and then told me to play the strangest game ever.

Chase those few left who are marked, and bite their flesh until the mark goes away.

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I've heard that demons were once angels, before they were cast down to Hell.

Yet every demon I've summoned look just like their siblings in Heaven.

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Divinity's Curse

[Wattys 2021 Shortlist] Tawni Vipperman had just been killed in cold blood. >>But right before she died, she did something that caught the attention of those who watch over us. >>Denied entry into heaven, she was instead chosen for ascension. >>Now a rare human-ascended angel being trained for battle, she's become the prime target for the beast.

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Why the "aliens are demons and fallen angels" theory is dumb.

For starters, this theory is based on two assumptions that could possibly not be true. Which makes this theory look really bad when you think about it in depth. I have been saying this theory was dumb thousands of times already.

The first assumption

Assuming that only one type of species of aliens exists in the universe outside us humans. I already talk about how people over underestimate the number of species in the universe in my most recent post on here. Because people believe gray aliens are the only alien species out there. Therefore it's more easier for this theory to be strong and supported when people think only one alien race exists.

If I somehow confirmed 100 alien races exist in the universe. And you subscribe to the "aliens are demonsfallen angels" theory. That means you low key think 100 species of aliens are demons and fallen angels in the Bible. And you also think space bacteria are demons and fallen angels too then LMAO.

The second assumption people make.

Is that they automatically assume aliens are interdimensional beings and not interplanetary beings (A more likely better term to describe aliens anyways). If aliens turn out to be interplanetary creatures (which is more likely because that's what the term "alien" means) and you subscribe to the "aliens are demons" theory. That means you were calling beings from different planets demons and fallen angels this whole time. Essentially, this is no different from saying, humans are demons or fallen angels. Because we are also planetary beings too lol.

And even if aliens were inter-dimensional beings. That still doesn't make this theory any more true. Just because inter-dimensional beings exist. Doesn't make any religion or this theory right. For all, we know Hell and Heaven might not even be an afterlife. Just different dimensions where certain creatures lived.

Let me get something straight with this theory before I finish this post.

I know people are going to say how aliens created the myths about demons and angels existing in the first place. Since people always say the theory about Christianity and other religions Gods, demons, and angels being aliens this whole time. Because the religious people back then didn't understand their advanced technology at the time. Don't get me wrong. This theory sounds like a great theory.

But for the 1 billion times. Aliens being demons is different from demons being aliens. Please understand the difference between both. I always see people make it seem like both phases are the same thing or something. When that's not true.

People also thought lions were Gods. That doesn't mean lions are actual Gods. Because there is actually a difference between something being God-like and a real God. Ever heard of the term "Cargo Cult" lol. I.E. an Alien being DemonAngel-like vs actual demons and angels.

In conclusion

I know isn't all aliens believers spreading this theory or even believing in this theory, to begin with. It's mostly religious people who think this theory is legit. But for some reason, this theory is taken seriously as one of the many alternative theoriespossibilities in most spaces about aliens. Which is odd. Because I swear this theory is more worse than the "aliens are 26d 5G conscious spiritual beings" (or whatever hippy $#!#) theory lol.

Edit: People can't even tell me the difference between a Demon and an Angel. But yet they want to use two different terms so interchangeable with a variety of Alien species lol.

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