Dom Dolla Tells Us To "Take It"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Deep, dark sound and a dollop of house boil over in Dom Dolla's deceptively restrained "Take It".

Dom becomes the tempting voice in your head. You've no choice but to get down.

"...Reach right out and take it."

Swept over sidewalks by an unseen force, you're magnet to metal.

Flights of stairs descend lower than they ought to, each step rumbles louder as you venture further down.

A door relents to your pressing impatience and bright blue engulfs you. The party's only just begun.


"...Do your best to break it."

Right at the intro, "Take It" hums in with horns like a dirty sultan. Diminutive vocals amble into earshot shortly after, locked and loaded with naughty dance demands. Shake it.

As for influence, there's a lot of definite Daft Punk "Technologic" inspiration at play in "Take It". The bass heavy, tom-tastic beat blending into robo-bro spoken lyrics takes care of that.

Everything's tight and syncopated to a 'T' in this track. It's prime house party material and deliciously danceable. So, just dance already. :)

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