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Hermione never got in hot water for repairing Harry's glasses with magic outside of school.

That said...

School stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...

She Sees Me

Who is Jay? Book 2 of the See Me Series Must read He Sees Me first!

She Sees Me on Wattpad

My son was getting made fun of for having his parents walk him to school each morning.

All it took was some chloroform and the schools address list, now every kid gets walked to school.

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It was very rough, but I managed to sleep soundly after a harsh Friday at my high school.

As I regained consciousness, eager for the weekend, I saw a deserted world through the window and felt tears running down my wrinkled face.

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Emilia has heard the sinister rumours, her entire town had, for years.

Distance has always kept the truth hidden, until the Newscot brothers are forced into Emilia's school.

Thrown into an ocean of uncomfortable coincidences, Emilia finds herself submerged in not just the mystery, but the attraction of Danny Newscot.

While enchanted forces pull them together, they must battle to keep themselves apart, for it could very well end in tragedy.

Malediction on Wattpad

an odd personal experience i had when my high school girlfriend met "the dream king"

im not sure how many fake posts occur here, but i assure you this is 100 truth and i recall 100 of it still. i am a 26 yr male, and this happened 11 years ago

it was 2010 and i was 15, a sophomore in HS. for privacy sake, I am "John" and was in a relationship with "Jane" for 11 months at this point. she was a cool, socially normal and kind hearted girl that i am still good friends. we were young and dumb and texted 247, and would stay up and talk until we fell asleep (oh young love) one night she went to bed and i stayed up and played games on my ipod touch. it was a little past midnight, she was asleep for 3ish hours, but i got a text from her and assumed it was the "i cant sleep :(" text. but instead, $#!# got real weird

the text said

"?nhoJ" (John?)

i was confused but responded "what?"

she instantly responded

"pu em ekaw esaelp" (please wake me up)

each text was backwardsmirroredreflected, so Hello would be olleH. she was not a fast texter, or a fast typer, and at this point the speed was the weirdest thing to me. she kept asking me to wake her up. she then said that she was asleep and had met a man that called himself the dream king. he told her that she was able to communicate with people in her dreams by writing in this box of mirrors, and that he wanted to prove himself real so he told her about my reoccuring nightmare that would convince me. i truly had a reoccuring nightmare of me floating on a board in a swampy lake, and knew something was under the water hunting me. this occured 10 times when i was a kid, and is the reason i have never been in the lakeriverocean ever. so i freaked and called her, she said she could hear the phone, and then answered the phone pissed off that i woke her, she had no recollection but saw the texts on her phone.

-she was not crazy or attention seeking. there is 0 chance that she could type every message out backwards, and if she could, the texts were arriving so fast, 4-5 before i could even reply. i shared my nightmare with NOBODY, not out of shame but just cause i had no desire to tell anyone about any dream in general, but that one is surely the most significant and private one.

the scariest thing to me was that it all weirdly checked out. if she was being a weird clingy gf wanting to see if i lied about sleeping, she would check social media or do it in a much simpler way. the words reflected because she was writing on a mirror, the dream king thing telling her my nightmare. hearing the phone vibrate when i was calling her. it oddly checks out. it stuck with me but not her, and we broke up months later due to unrelated things. in my own research, the closest thing i found was "thisman.org", and the reddit threads and experiences people had with this man

any thoughts?

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My high school friend always mocked me for being so paranoid about fires, constantly checking for sources of one.

As i sat there above his grave, i wondered if he'd keep saying that if he survived.

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The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series)

When CJ, a teen girl living in a town that practices witchcraft, starts uncovering the truth about her sister's death, she discovers the insidious danger that haunts her and the town.

Can she save herself and the people she loves, or will she burn just as her ancestors did all those centuries ago? Cassie Jayne Bishop grew up the only non-believer in the Coven.

But when a handsome stranger comes to the sleepy town of New Salem, everything she thought was true starts unraveling around her.

Clues start to pile up and CJ is determined to find out the real reason her sister died.

What she uncovers terrifies her to the very depths of her soul...

word count: 70,000-80,000 words]] Cover designed by April Alforque

The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series) on Wattpad

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