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If your dog dies; you cannot tell your kids he went to live on a farm, when you live on a farm.

Considering that...

You don't have to tell anybody if the eerie farm stories and books featured below make you uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they do that to everyone...

Gray Wolf Ranch

The Marshall brothers, four country boys with a passion for hospitality, have finally achieved their dream of running their idyllic vacation complex Gray Wolf Ranch.

Rowtag Marshall, the general manager and oldest brother, has kept a secret since the day an accident permanently hurt his brothers during their childhood and has lived with the guilt of what happened since then.

Huritt Marshall has worked hard to prove life has not been served to him on a silver tray, and he's earned his success.

Blindness has not stopped Istu Marshall from enjoying life and women, until an interesting man crosses his path.

Feeling incapable of learning or finding love, Kitchi Marshall will prove everyone wrong.

Chris Holt, a reformed dealer in search of an opportunity for a life on the right side of the law, gets hired as the newest farm hand and gets more than he hoped for, four brothers.

The sighting of a gray wolf on the premises during their biggest challenges in life and in love will have them doubting if everything they knew is real.

Is it a guiding spirit or a threat? WATTPAD version, AVAILABLE on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle version ISBN: 978-1728826608 Copyright 2020 by Mara Oudenes.

All rights reserved.

Gray Wolf Ranch on Wattpad

Old McDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o

He takes from you, a leg and an arm e-i-e-i-o

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I became vegan when I found out about the horrors of factory farming.

I stopped being vegan when I heard the screams after biting into an apple.

Posted on Reddit by Akuma_Homura.


Roxanne lives a decent life in a farm with her loving Mother.But when her life starts to turn around abruptly, she wonders if she was right about her life before being 'bad'.

Halo on Wattpad

Rural Alabama House Haunted By a Farming Family

First thread on Reddit. My parents bought our mid-50s house and immediately remodeled the home. The former owners had made jokes about a ghost family but we needed the house and it was a good price for our situation so we paid it no mind. My mom has seen a tall man in blue overalls with a white shirt walking through the hallway into my bedroom. She actually though it was me and came to say goodnight to find my room empty. She has also seen two children, one boy and one girl, dressed in ole timey clothes were her words. I personally have heard a womans voice in my ear tell me to wait while I walked through the kitchen in the middle of the night. About 2 months ago I was lying in bed with my sleep mask on when I heard clearly a young boy and girl say in unison now we can play! Just tonight I was lying in bed and saw 6 strobes of a red light coming from the bottom of my bookshelf. The light brightened and dimmed as if it was cycling up and down in power level. The only possibility for a red light would be my record player which has a red light indicator when you switch to the radio tuner but its unplugged and has been for months. I had chills and my skin crawled when I got near that area to investigate. Not sure what to think right now.

Posted on Reddit by brimo7550.

Haunted Farm Yard

I live in North Dakota in cattle country. Sorry this will be a long post.

In 2019 my Grandpa passed away in the old farmhouse which was the homestead for multiple generations. He died of suicide.

It came out of nowhere and took everyone by shock. He was a very stubborn independent man so it was assumed he preferred to die as opposed to being sent to a old-age home. He also was known to drink heavily time to time. My father and me found him in his rocking chair with the gun he used on his lap.

Since then there has been a run of odd events happening in and around the farmhouse and yard.

Early on it was little things - doors open that shouldnt be. Unexplainable sounds in other parts of the house. One time I thought I saw my Grandpa in the mirror reflection behind me. Overall creepy vibes - Generic haunting stuff.

I inherited the yard. It has been vacant since my grandpas death. I was excited to fix the yard up and start fresh. One day I was in the tree line cleaning up dead trees when I heard three distinct gun shots - like shots that seemed 50 yards away. I literally hit the ground. After a while I got up - there was no one around. About ten minutes later an old friend of my grandpa drove into the yard. I had known him for years. He pulled up and I asked him if he knew who was shooting. He said it wasnt him and he saw no one around. He didnt seem himself. He was usually a happy guy but on this day he seemed distracted - like he was in a fog. He said to me are you sure you should live here? I said yes that I was excited to rebrand the yard. Not long after he left. About a month later he died of a stroke.

The day following the gunshots, my daughter (5 at the time) and I were in the old house. She was playing with a toy train while I was cleaning. She abruptly stood up and said I want to go home. I followed her out of the house and helped her into my truck. She asked me if I could go get her train. When I went back into the house it was like walking into a different universe. It was freezing cold. I could see my own breath. The house was the same but the colors were different - almost muted. I was freaked out and left the house. When I left the house I heard thumping on the walls and the siding of the house started flapping. Freaky stuff.

I got in my truck and sped out. When we were a couple miles away I stopped and asked my daughter what she saw - she said she saw a man with a pointy hat in the house. She hasnt been allowed in the yard since.

I returned later that night (stupid I know) I took pics of the house and when I looked at them later there appears to be a shadow figure with a pointed hat looking at me. I can only see it in pictures not real-time.

I met with a pastor and he told me that what I was describing - change in temperature, muted colors are tells of demonic activity. He agreed to pray and anointbless the house. When we went to the house I was expecting fireworks - but nothing happened. In fact it was calm and peaceful. I was optimistic things were better. Things were better for some time.

To clarify the house is vacant but my father and I still have cattle on the yard. Heres what has been happening over the past year:

- when I am on the yard I have unexplained phantom pain in my left hand - only when Im on the yard nowhere else. A stabbing pain in the palm of just my left hand

- there was a large dead coyote in our shop - no evidence of how it got there

- one day my dad drove into the yard and found our large bull trapped in a bale feeder

- we found a cow dead with a broken neck in the corral. When I approached the carcass my left hand began to throb. I could smell a unique scent not associated with livestock. Ive been around dead animals - this was a different smell

This all leads to me posting here. We have attempted spiritual intervention and things seem to be getting worse.


- does anyone know any significance of the pointed hat demon ? I know of hat man but this isnt sleep paralysis linked

- can anyone the phantom pain in my left hand?

- what is the significance of the three gunshots? My grandpa was an avid hunter - was this a warning from him?

Any other advice is appreciated.

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Willows of Riverside

A strange person who dons a mask whenever she goes out moves into Stardew Valley as the new farmer.

The people are confused by her strange actions and attire and rumors go around about the farm and herself.

Is she some type of spirit? Part of a cult? Some people judge her, others find her interesting.

For a while that's all there is.

Then someone shouts out from the shadows of the rumors something that could be more than just fiction.

Willows of Riverside on Wattpad

Because I don't want to take over the farm my father decided to disown me.

"At least, give life to the land, will ya? ", my father said before I heard a shotgun cocking from my back.

Posted on Reddit by Mori-no-Ryuu.

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