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Satan, evil fallen angel in Abrahamic religion, and Set, god associated with evil in Egyptian mythology...

The names are similar but basically no sources link them.

Speaking of angel stuff...

So, you're ready to read some weird angel stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

ˏˋAn Angel Lives in My Basementˎˊ

What would you do, If you saw an angel literally fall from the sky? Bring him home! ʚɞ Rose Williams is your average teen, with an equally average and normal life. >>She is not at the top of school's status quo but she isn't at the bottom either. >>She isn't rich but can afford. >>She has no issues whatsoever. >>Her life is normal, plain and ordinary until...... >>ʚɞ HIGHEST RANK 141 on Feb 14, 2017

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Angel from Alaska

Ive been hesitating posting this for quite sometime, because it really makes no sense to me. It is absolutely a mind #$@$ and it feels absolutely unbelievable no matter how many times I replay it in my head.

In 2017, one or my good friends lived in Portland, OR. He was offered a new job in Long Island NY, and took it. He asked me to fly out, so I could road trip with him across the country so he wouldnt be alone.

Or course I agreed, and flew out from JFK to PDX.

We have many storys from this road trip, but none stranger than what happened to us in Ohio.

After a few days on the road, we had entered Ohio. I wish I remember exactly where this took place, but I honestly dont recall. All I know is it was past Zanesville heading east (where we stayed the night before).

My buddy was driving, as I was reaching towards the ground, trying to grab my phone that I had dropped. He suddenly said this old lady next to us keeps pointing at me I think she wants me to pull over. I, always paranoid, said #$@$ that dude keep driving. But he pulled over. A black Escalade with plates from Alaska pulled in front of us. Out hopped a woman, no younger than 60, that said Im glad I got to you boys when I did, your tires are smoking!

Its important to note we were towing his Camry with the Uhaul we were in.

Side note What happened in Zanesville, was we got stuck in the parking lot, couldnt back up, so had to re-hitch his car. We realized later he left the emergency brake on.

Anyways, after she said this we looked at each other completely puzzled, and immediately at the tires. They were absolutely smoking, looking like they had bullet holes in them.

This is where it gets strange. Not even a few seconds after we kneeled down to inspect the tires, she was gone. No goodbye, no sound of a car pulling off gone.

The whole interaction from her getting out of the car, to her vanishing couldnt have been more than 15 seconds.

I didnt have a doubt in my mind she vanished, and my friend looked at me pale as a ghost, confirming exactly what I was thinking.

I dont know for sure what would have happened if we didnt stop. I dont know if the car would have caught fire, or anything else.

But I do know she was an angel to us real or not.

Ive tried to look into stories like this but havent had any luck finding anything.

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My painting of a sorrowful stone angel went viral on the Internet.

Commentors raved about how it looked so real that it could almost walk out of the screen.

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When I Look Up At The Stars

FEATURED WATTYS SHORTLIST 2021 Someone tried to kill him. >>Someone nearly succeeded. >>A traitor walks among them. >>The question is, who? "A sky full of stars and he was looking at her." He was a man with a deep and profound love for the stars, while she was the angel of the stars and sky. >>She was one of the few that remained, watching over the earth and fighting to preserve goodness, while he was a trained hitman- surrounded by great darkness that he never wished to be a part of, but attracted because of his job. >>But maybe- just maybe, that was why she chose to save him in the first place. >>Because as an angel of the stars and sky it was only natural for her to know that stars can't shine without darkness. >> [ 1 in GuardianAngel 1 in Astronomy 2 in Paranormal 1 in stars ] [ featured on the official Wattpad Adventure Account, under the 'Romantic Getaways' list ! ] All rights reserved, available only on Wattpad

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That evening, the farmer discovered the smoking crater of the fallen angel that had crashed onto his fields.

Pinning her injured body down while she screeched, he tore off her second wing with shears to ensure he kept the unearthly beauty all to himself.

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Angel aliens or watchers

So my father passed away in October, but before I even knew my father passed, I had a dream and in the dream my father was in a room with an old tv on a old t.v stand. There was static on the tv but there was a picture of my dad that was static (if that makes sense) on the tv screen. When I saw my dad there was a couch that look like one of those Victorian couches that was pushed on the wall. However my father wanted to show me these creatures that he said were coming. My father opened the wall and showed me these creatures about 6 of them, that were all sitting in formation of a triangle. The moment I peeked my head in the wall they all turned to me at the same time. They kinda looked like an owl but not an owl and their eyes was that of outer space and constellations, I could see that the creatures eyes were moving as if it watches the universe. As I stared at these beings it showed me the birth of it from an egg which I felt the sense that this birth took place millions of years ago from an egg. After it showed me that scene I turned around and told my dad Dad what is that? To which my dad responded with They are angel aliens son, and theyre coming. I turned back into the wall to see these creatures who were facing in the other direction where a bright light was shining through and they all turned back to face me. Then I woke up with a feeling that I needed to call everyone that Ive ever met in my life and make sure they were doing ok in life even people I hadnt seen in year, it was a dreadful feeling. After 30mins of laying on my bed my aunt called me on my dads phone to say that the doctors were saying my dad was not going to make it. I still cant figure out what or who creaturesbeing were.

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The Devils Angel

Carmen Winters had a somewhat normal life until a knock at the door changed everything. >>Stolen away from what she once knew and believed, Carmen will have to fight and play the devils game if she wants to survive the love of pure evil. >>Can the devil truly love an angel? Every step closer to her 18th birthday will alter her reality and make her question who she really is. >>With time running out Carmen will need help to navigate hell and get the answers she so desperately needs to survive.

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I always called my wife angel as a pet name.

Imagine my shock when our baby came out the size of a seven year old

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