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Everywhere on Earth could be considered a graveyard.

Yet and still...

You can choose to take the graveyard stories below at face value or with a grain of salt, but they're all still super weird.

Curiosity - a short Kristya fanfic (boyxboy)

Kristian: A young man stuck between God and sin.

Kostyantyn: A vampire stuck in regret.

One meeting.

One touch.

One kiss.

Two lives changed forever.

I made this as a special chapter in the Strangers story, but decided to make it to its own book since it is quite long.

Hope you like it!

Curiosity - a short Kristya fanfic (boyxboy) on Wattpad

I saw her in a graveyard wearing a white gown bouncing off dim moonlight while she slowly walked towards me.

"I'm sorry for poisoning your tea" she cried, as her tears dropped on my grave.

Posted on Reddit by YANAJURE.

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"This graveyard always gave me the creeps" he said looking at me with a smile.

"But after 100 years I finally have a friend who'll be with me forever." was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

Posted on Reddit by Significant-Lie-2368.


This short story was inspired based off of the idea that two people having matching bracelets, but not regular bracelets Whenever one of the two people touch the center of their bracelet, the other persons lights up and buzzes vibrates .

So, say one of the two people passed away with their bracelet on, and one night, the person who is still alive feels theirs go off in the middle of the night .

Bracelets on Wattpad

I was digging in the graveyard.

It is a few years back but I want to share the experience I made with you. First, I am not a graverobber nor a pervert, but I was a construction worker back then. We had to replace an old connector waterpipe from a great church in our city with a new one.

Around the church there was a lot of green lawn which... as we were about to learn... was used as a graveyard for the richer citizens from 1100 up to 1800. The thing is the ground there is very clayey, which brings the dissolving of a human skeleton to a hold.

This- mixed with the old gravedigging habits from the people back then led to our excavator digging out lots and lots of human bones as soon as it got deeper than one meter. It was pretty awkward as or construction team was just standing there staring while the excavator unearthed whole skeletons (and then cut them in half because in real life the bones aren't still connected like they are in cartoons and such)

I, as the trainee back then, got the job to pick the bones from the earthpile the excavator created, while my 3 coworkers just stood there refusing to just touch anything. I stood there, wearing gloves, taking up bones and a complete skull, brushing them more or less clean and collecting them on a piece of cardboard, until the archeologists showed up on the site. They took photos, told us some facts of when the place was a graveyard before taking off again. After the work was done we threw everything back in before the holes got filled up.

The paranormal about this, was, that as soon as I started working at the bones I felt like being watched. Not only by my colleagues but also by the dead (not necessarily the ones I was holding in my hands though). At some point I was even able to see them, but only from the corner of my eyes. (I was around paranormal things since forever). I saw two people standing right next to the hole watching as I did my thing but they disappeared as soon as I turned my head.

At first they seemed to be upset (gestures, I didn't hear them) but as they noticed I was very care- and respectful with the remnants they just stood there watching me. After that they disappeared ... but I saw them again. They reappeared in the same style on the (always free) backseats of our car as we headed back to the Department. I was the only one seeing them but my coworkers were a little bit creeped out by the fact that I touched human bones without hesitating. The phenomenon stopped after I prayed for this souls later on.

It was a fun job but not the only weird experience.

Posted on Reddit by Falzarar.


Just waking up from a good night, only to find themselves lost in the middle of a graveyard.

Will the five year old twins make it to their home and to their mother alive, or will something catch them and never let them live a life of peace? All the characters in this book belongs to me.

Quote "Oh, it's snack time!" by Mothy AKA Akuno-P The name "Lucifen" in Erin Lucifen Sato came from Riliane Lucifen D'autriche, the Daughter of Evil, which is also by Mothy AKA Akuno-P The kingdom's name "Dark Kingdom" was inspired by the "Dark World" from the game Deltarune by Toby Fox This is set in the year 2050 then later in 2055.

LOSTSisTheSinister(SIDE STORY) (COMPLETED) on Wattpad

I live in the graveyard and seeing zombies isn't the most terrifying thing I see every night.

Something, no, someone is eating them leaving no trace of the undead.

Posted on Reddit by ritualmaker.

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