Djodje Goes Valentine in "Be Mine"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Djodje and Patoranking lace together the smoothest of songs in "Be Mine."

Cool, calm melody and a laid back tribal beat... Chill vibes meet mellifluous vocals. This one's solid.

"I wanna talk to you..."

Water washes over ankles. Sand slips underfoot.

The sun is setting on the waves. Your horizon glows.

Gulls grace the sky - sailing on the breeze.

You're amber against the ocean's flush.

"...for the rest of my life"

A calming piano solo opens up the song - pouring into a clean dembow beat. Deep, soothing dance tunes...

The beat is gorgeous, especially the subtlety of the kick ducking beneath the rest of the mix. It's diving in. Assorted percussion panned to the sides of the song tie it all together with expert precision - hitting just the right places come each chorus.

Odd Nugget S-done

As for the vocals, the pairing is perfect. Djodje and Patoranking fuse sounds exquisitely from verse to verse. Smooth and raw take opposing sides of the same loving coin...

If you're up for chill dance music, you've come to the right place. "Be Mine" is your new fave. Listen. Love.

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