Directed by David Longoria's "Now or Never"



David Longoria's singular song "Now or Never" stirs emotion to the timing of a dance beat.

"Now or Never" condenses the meaning and plot of "Bloodlines: Now or Never," the movie for which it was written. Violence, vengeance and redemption; all packed into one punchy track.

Longoria's unique blend of EDM, trumpet and singing, coupled with April Diamond's vocals, creates an addictive listening experience worth putting on replay.

"I'm ready to fight for what I know is right."

Crimson sunlight bleeds over sandy savanna. Shadows pool at the riverbank. Your stomach churns as your heartbeat quickens. The river runs red.


Your enemies at your feet, you collapse against the earth. Bake in sunlight.

Your eyelids drop as a rhino approaches. Open again to it kneeled at your side.

"Find the strength to reach your destiny."

Longoria's voice expands to fill the atmosphere of "Now or Never;" tall, wide and commanding.

April's vocals counter Longoria's with softer sweetness, circling the outskirts of the song before centering near the end. The digitized effect masking her voice meshes smoothly with the supplicating sound of the trumpet each time the chorus kicks in.

This track is well-suited to a dance floor and considers the integral qualities of good dance music masterfully, with quality buildups and releases throughout. It ramps up. It revs down.

What's most impressive about the track is its way of telling the movie's story; without literally telling the story.

The vocals clearly impart an African vibe and, by way of the lyrics, the gist of the film's narrative comes to life. Very nice.

Also, analogue sounds of proper trumpet playing and clear vocals jibe exceedingly well with standard techno-trance fare in "Now or Never."

The result is at once eclectic and cohesive, not lacking in harmony or intrigue. You'll want more if trance is already your thing, but fans of other genres will find something special here.

It's now or never! Listen for yourself and enjoy.

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