Deva St. John Turbocharges Our Ear Canals in "The Information Age"

Odd Nugget Deva St. John

Raw rock and riot force find you in Deva St. John's new tune "The Information Age".

Tension takes center stage from start to stop in this song, splitting sonic space into sharp shards that cut to the bone throughout.


You can almost feel...

Both time and space connecting...

Thoughts intersecting.

Deva St. John quote the information age

"Feel the ground quake; feel your heart beat faster..."

"The Information Age" is a lot like driving a formula 1 speed machine breakneck through a nightlit cityscape. It's all you can handle, balanced on the present tense's razor edge.

Voices, choral, melt to white noise in a blistering blizzard of energized sound. A force to be reckoned with, Deva's voice phases between dimensions, digital and analogue alike, delivering dramatic overtones at dangerous dosages.


Deva St. John's "The Information Age" activates your adrenals as it opens up, emptying out a dynamic mix of tones and timbres. Lyrics lead us through chaotic undertow, to a sonic surface, serene as the eye of a raging storm.

Deva St. John injects pure power into "The Information Age" and the result is a rush in feel and focus. If you want to know more, have a listen below.

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