Denny Soloist Hits Us With Hard-Hitting Beats and Harder-Hitting Truth in "H.I.M."

Odd Nugget Social-done

Expansive, uplifting anthem vibes you can chill to... Denny Soloist's track "H.I.M." is a hymn to life's trials and the liberation of overcoming our own tribulations.

Self-acceptance and a banging beat break walls in this track as Denny Soloist lays out lyrical truth.

Make your play. Go or stay?

Off in a flash and running. Cunning, clever and cruel, they give chase.

Outpace them or go down gunning.


"But I think I looked too high..."

Denny Soloist sings honesty over synthesized sounds in "H.I.M.". Dynamics jump and swerve to sweet soliloquy, settling on decidedly good vibes with a dash of uplift to boot.

Siren squeal, sawtooth stab, layered vocals and reverberating beat bring "H.I.M." to a boil. Fingers snap over drips and drops leading into the big bass dip at each chorus.


"H.I.M." is emotive beyond its words. Denny delivers depth in a dance floor package. The powerful pull of a power pop beat backs poetry put forth with chill restraint.

This song is a solid listen for almost anyone. Find out if it's for you with a press of play.

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