DeNetria Champ's "When God Gets Through" Will Amaze You


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Sassy gospel goodness in the classic vein of the late, great Aretha... DeNetria Champ's "When God Gets Through" brings down the house.

Real instruments, real talent and real faith...

"He is the potter and I am the clay..."

Sunlight, soaring skies and cloudless blue...

A tablecloth and a basket too...

Green grass, a glass and a gorgeous view...

A treat for two.

"I'm gonna be what he wants me to be."

Powerhouse vocals huff, puff and blow this track full of soul. DeNetria's voice is on par with the greats for sure.

Gospel is the cause and effect of this gorgeous track. God is in the title and is definitely the focus, lyrically. The live instrument arrangement is classic to the genre as well, combining crystal clear keys, organ tones and a small backup choir for call and response vocals.

Rhythmically and melodically, "When God Gets Through" brings to mind Natalie Cole's "This Will Be". There's timeless tonality to it, and a wealth of good vibes to go with.

Enjoyers of classic gospel will find solace and sanctuary in this song. Newly-born gospel listeners will be blown away as well. Go ahead and listen.

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