Dekalog, Fien Desmet and Amazumi Show Us the "Whites of Their Eyes"

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Downtempo trip hop tripped up on deep divots of meaning makes amends for a mile-long list of human inhumanities in Dekalog, Fien Desmet and Amazumi's "Whites of Their Eyes".

There's more to ponder in this piece of music than its 4:46 minute run time would lead you to believe.

Gaze out over it.

Stand in awe and stare. Marvel at the beauty of it.

It's a simple game, yet no one's aware...


"Dark angels in the night... No time for fight or flight."

"Whites of Their Eyes" slams poetry in place like pieces of an impossible puzzle. Spoken word rap riddles away the atrocities of our violent human history between beautifully crooned passages.

Rhythm shuffles snares and kicks like a shell game, shifting the very shape of "Whites of Their Eyes" in a series of segmented movements.


Juxtaposition points with two fingers in two directions throughout this song. Overtly calming, sedated sounds serenade as torrid, painful thoughts take to air. Listening is easy. Hearing is hard.

For a dose of dismal reality drenched in gorgeous melody, soft and supple, set your ears to hear and hit play today.

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