Deep Notes from Charlie Steel - New Sounds #2

This week's New Sounds come from London-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Steel.

His musical creations are experimental and unique, with a powerful low-end and percussive vocals; driven by his interest in Indie and Hip Hop.

His approach is direct and his lyrics meaningful - dwelling on personal struggles and a deep-seated desire for more out of life than an office job.

Songs like "Can't Be" express the difficulties of modern friendships - highlighting the incongruity between what friends represent and what some 'friends' actually do.

His mellow, ambient track, "Zombified Nation," is brilliantly minimal in its approach.

Flanged guitar tones ring out over the slight hiss of distortion.

Charlie's voice breaks the peace with a tragic message - lamenting past failures and time lost in dingy pubs.

In "22," his a capella piece, he presents his thoughts in poignant clarity.

Near halfway through, his voice turns to us from another direction. The shift is subtle and likely unintended, but striking in an odd way.

The lyrics are pointed, immediate and moving. The disillusionment expressed is something most of us can relate to and identify with.

I hope you enjoy Charlie's music and that you'll support him on Soundcloud by following him. Thanks for reading!

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