Daydream Runaways Play Us Sounds From a "Fairytale Scene"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Dance floor attuned and high-spirited to boot, Daydream Runaways' new tune "Fairytale Scene" feels like a blast from the past.

There's a certain something about this track that takes you back, but plenty of fresh indie rock force to keep you in the here and now.

Take my hand in yours.

We can both find something new.

Open all the doors.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I saw her and I fell in love..."

Daydream Runaways hint at Greg Kihn Band sound in "Fairytale Scene".

Jumping drums toss up the mix in a passion with choice cymbals and insistent kicks. Guitars swarm over bass like bees to a grounded queen, bending dynamically to the sway of the song, as punctuated vocals call and shout about love, lyrical.


There's a definite jukebox jive to "Fairytale Scene" - a classic dance vibe, infectious and easy to enjoy. Movement permeates the melody and rattles through the rhythm, dragging you to your feet for the song's short duration. It's tempting to play it again.

There's no admission fee for enjoying this bop - just jump in and press play.

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