Daydream Runaways "Light the Spark" and Run Away

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Musing melody melds with lapsing licks on guitar in Daydream Runaways' "Light the Spark".

Calm country fused to full-body indie rock... This song is a shock of sweet sentiment.

Daybreak, delirium...

You've lost it and found her. You're burning to ash.

Cinder, away and under...

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"The smallest touch... Pump the blood right through your heart..."

Daydream Runaways "Light the Spark" with a whole heap of energy and style in this tune.

Guitar strings spark a fire as "Light the Spark" spins up each chorus. Over verses, notes and drums dance in turn to a steady striding rhythm. Sing-song words wave and bob, surfacing over a sound-sea in motion.


Lyrics in "Light the Spark" glow as embers, emotional, alighting the way down a path of longing, loss and devotion. Forceful feels find their way over air and into the heart as pitched phrases take flight.

For a shot of indie rock mixed with moody country crooning, "Light the Spark" is just what you need. Press play and enjoy.

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