Dana Ben David's "Wild Thoughts" Are Delightfully Tame


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Suave singing like satin over a submerged melody makes Dana Ben David's "Wild Thoughts" the chillest of trips.

Dana drops dreams over drowsy melody and dripping percussion.

"I can't seem to catch my words..."

Sheets feel too cool. Your skin is too warm.

Your day felt too short. Your night, much too long.

Dawn waits too far and sleep won't come close.

You locked the wrong door on the one you want most.


"...And now my heart's racing fast..."

"Wild Thoughts" is tame tone coated in cold echo and congealed to loose, laid-back harmony.

The song's pervading vibe hearkens back to late-90's neo soul. There's a fluidity of sound unbecoming of a dance floor and better suited to a lounge. And there's a wealth of low-key drama, delivered on pulsed keys, pushing this track deeper into your mind.

Dana's voice spills over every crevice of this song, smoothing out burrs and edges with silky substance. She stands out against a soft, glowing backdrop, pouring out emotion. Light choral effects lift her to a loftier height come each chorus. Sweet.

This song is a breather; a chill pill. Take it and relax.

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