Dana Ben David's "Signs (I Wish I Knew)" is a Jacuzzi for Your Brain

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Lush, this song is lush. Dana delivers drama and soul in her newest track "Signs (I Wish I Knew)".

Mind games and melody mingle in a moody mix...

How is it eyes meet from miles away?
One day, one choice, one person. Who? You can't choose who, they say.

Instead, they choose you.

"For me, it's sparks and fireworks..."

It's the soft sweeping of Dana's voice over keys that brings "Signs" to a boil. She sings of thoughts, uncontrollable, and love, unrelenting, her voice dancing over sparse percussion like a child over stones in a river.

Drops and snares sink deep into pools of reverb, echoing with chasm-like depth in the distance. Tinkling wind chime notes trickle over the mix like liquid moonlight and a slow, sidelong rhythm like a rowboat, rows us off into twilight.


There's a strong emphasis on dynamics in this tune. Each transition from verse to chorus, like stone-broken stillness on water, erupts in ripples. It's emotion on the move.

This is such an easy song to settle into. Relaxing, inviting and low-key exciting, "Signs (I Wish I Knew)" is beautiful stuff. Hear it for yourself.

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