CUTTS Will Make it Hard for You to "Breathe"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

An airy aria to love-stricken longing, CUTTS' "Breathe" does CPR on a wounded heart.

Intense and moving, this is music to make you feel, for sure.

No love lost...

You've saved it all - gathered it up.

To give out at no cost.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I can't even speak right now."

CUTTS invite us into an intimate dimension of sound in "Breathe," breaking silence with boldly belted vocals and dynamic piano.

Echoing atmosphere, icy to the touch, surrounds us in sounds so subtle...

Piano keys collapse on crystal notes with emotional trepidation, trailing vocals and lingering like light of Sun at dusk. Feels form a crested wave to crash at song's end in lofty agony.


"Breathe" brings the depths of love to life in lyrical expression. Devotion in motion - momentum mounts as mourning tolls, taking us along for the ride.

You can't lose by listening to this song. "Breathe" is immersive and majestic. Make the best of it by way of the 'play' button.

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