Odd Nugget Social-done

Crystal Tides dredge up jumping pop rock sounds to surf on in their single “Backbiting”.

Amorous angst comes up against cheerful indie rock and ignites in this memorably melodic little number.

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Sun in your eyes, eyes meet your own…

You’re a foot in the sand. You’re a hand in a hand.

And you’re never alone.


“I don’t wanna feel this way…”

Waves of sound come crashing down around vocals, poised front and center, in “Backbiting”. Crystal Tides recreate familiar 00’s rock in a fresh, Summery semblance.

Guitars gleam and drums refract in “Backbiting”. Strings scrub harmony into the mix as the beat bangs on full bore. It’s lively stuff, for sure.


Snaps and clicks beckon at the beginning of “Backbiting,” then the tune rushes headfirst into upbeat harmony, winding down to percussive space at intervals as each verse appears. It’s these dynamic shifts that make the song that little bit better, building on momentum by repeatedly breaking it.

This is pop-powered indie rock at its catchiest; you’re basically bound to want more. Have a listen and enjoy.

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